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Detailed Lead Summary

All contact info, at your fingertips.

Click “show all” to see all affiliated contact information (provided by the lead on their LinkedIn.com account, available from your company’s CRM records, plus any details added by you or your colleagues).

Find a better way in? Add new contact information to the lead’s profile, including email addresses, phone numbers, social handles and more, that are then visible to your team on Sales Navigator.

The CRM badge indicates if this lead is already in your CRM. Click the badge to access that record directly in your CRM.

If the lead fits, save it.

Use tags to organize important leads and save a lead to ensure you get updates about those leads in your feed. You can also store relevant information and action items on leads using notes.

Useful Lead Highlights

The Highlights section shows What you have in common (such as Groups, shared companies/schools, and connections), your best path in via TeamLink and other personal and professional connections, and the lead's recent activity on LinkedIn with posts, likes, and comments.


Related Recommended Leads

Get lead recommendations from the same company that fit your search preferences in the Recommended leads section. Also highlighted are people who have recently joined the company, people with whom you have shared connections in common, and people who have viewed your profile.

      Locate Similar Leads

Think the lead you’re viewing is top notch? Find similar leads at other companies in this section at the bottom of the page.