A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is someone who focuses on prospecting, qualifying, and moving prospects through the sales process. 

They work in tandem with account executives (AE), who manage the relationships with existing customers as well as close prospects that are delivered by sales development reps.

While the specific tasks differ from company to company, the mission of an SDR is to bridge the gap between finding qualified leads for the AE and providing them with everything they need to successfully close their deals.

Some organizations also fracture the sales development representative role into discrete functions based on market or channel. Some examples of titles include:

  • Enterprise sales development representative
  • SMB sales development representative
  • Inbound sales development representative
  • Outbound sales development representative

Prospecting involves research as well as identifying key decision makers and contacts within an account:

  • Researching: This can involve researching companies, industries, and individuals to determine their potential interest in the products or services being offered.
  • Identifying Decision Makers: Identifying the decision-makers within those companies who are responsible for purchasing the products or services.