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One of the best ways to boost your talent brand is to use content marketing. This guide will walk you through:

  • What is content marketing and why it would be useful for your talent brand
  • How to develop a content marketing strategy
  • Low-effort and low-cost ways of finding content to share
  • What types of content work best (blog posts, presentations, infographics, photos, and others)
  • What social media channels are most appropriate for your content
  • What are the best times of the day/week to share content with your audience
  • How to amplify the reach of your content by creating brand ambassadors
  • How to measure the impact of your content strategy

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For marketers, content is king. In the age of social media, marketers have become more like publishers, generating content that entertains or educates customers, rather than solely promoting products.

Recruiters have begun to unlock the full value of content marketing too. Good content can establish relationships with candidates and enhance their perceptions of your talent brand. Providing information that helps candidates professionally, builds trust and positive feelings toward your company. That in turn increases your talent acquisition effectiveness: a strong talent brand can translate into 50% savings in cost per hire and 28% lower turnover rate.

Think educate, not sell. Good talent acquisition content marketing is:

Native: it doesn’t stand out the way a glossy brochure or sleek commercial does. It’s a subtle way to warm up candidates, blending in with their daily information streams.

Candidate-focused: it provides candidates with compelling information that they want.

Authentic: it matches the tone and spirit of your culture. Off-brand content is worse than no content at all.

This eBook will show you how to create, share, and optimize content to support your talent brand. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: Plan

Define your audience

Before you dig in to creating content, it’s important to know who is your target audience. Are you trying to attract engineers or accountants? Data scientists or marketers? Recent graduates or seasoned executives?

Depending on your talent acquisition goals, you’ll want to tailor your content to the right audience for maximum impact.

A great way to understand what would appeal to your audience, is to invest time into building out their hypothetical persona. On the right, you can see a an example of the personas an average talent acquisition organization could target:

Develop a content plan

Next, it’s important to develop a content plan to help you stay organized and assure that you will post frequently enough to stay top of mind for your audience. The most powerful tool here for you is the content calendar. Developing a good calendar will not only help you visualize the amount and type of content you post, but also it will make it easy to assign team members and pick outlets for publishing your posts.

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