What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

  • LinkedIn Recruiter helps you find, manage, and connect with qualified candidates. Learn more.

How much does LinkedIn Recruiter cost?

  • There are two recruiter products — one for companies (LinkedIn Recruiter) and one for search and staffing agencies (Recruiter Professional Services) — each with their own cost structure. Plans differ based on your needs, so please reach out to sales for more information.

I need help logging in to LinkedIn Recruiter. 

  • Having trouble logging into LinkedIn Recruiter? Click here.

How do I link LinkedIn Recruiter with my Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

  • Recruiter System Connect (RSC) allows you to connect your ATS so you can save time, collaborate with your team, and see up-to-date LinkedIn profiles within your ATS. Learn more.

How do I cancel my Recruiter account?


What is Recruiter Lite?

  • LinkedIn’s recruiting tool for small companies or companies who only hire a few people a year. Learn more.

How can I buy Recruiter Lite?

  • For a Recruiter Lite subscription, please access this page and click 'Get started'.

What is the difference between Recruiter & Recruiter Lite?

  • While Recruiter Lite lets you search for, filter, and contact LinkedIn members who may be good candidates for your role and comes with InMail, a Recruiter account gives you unrivaled access to the entire LinkedIn network. Learn more.

What are LinkedIn Career Pages?

  • LinkedIn Career Pages is a powerful employer branding tool that raises awareness, drives interest in your company, and builds a pipeline of candidates for your open roles. Learn more.

How do I edit my LinkedIn Career Page?

  • By enhancing your LinkedIn Page with Career Pages, you can further empower your company to attract the best talent through the Life and Jobs tab. Learn more.

I need help logging in to my admin page.

  • Learn more about accessing your LinkedIn Page Admin by clicking here.


Where can I find more information on LinkedIn Jobs?

  • Posting a job on LinkedIn helps you find quality candidates fast. Learn more.

How do I post a job?

How do I edit an existing job posting?

  • Editing an existing posting can be done via your 'Posted jobs' page. Learn more.

How much does it cost to post a job? 

  • Posting a job through LinkedIn currently a pay-as-you-go model. Learn more.

How can I learn more about Job Slots?