In an era marked by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, the workforce landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. With LinkedIn insights predicting that 68% of skills are expected to change by 2030 and 55% of members’ jobs in Australia stand to be impacted by generative AI, the urgency to adapt and upskill has never been more apparent. 

LinkedIn's 2024 Workplace Learning Report underscores this shift, revealing that four in five professionals in Australia and New Zealand want to understand how AI can be applied in their professions. 

Notably, the report highlights a surge in the demand for 'human skills,' marking the highest growth rates among Learning & Development (L&D) professionals in Australia from October 2022 to October 2023. This paradigm shift is prompting talent professionals to boldly rethink their learning and hiring strategies to navigate the AI era successfully. 

This evolution is not just reshaping the technical skills required in the workplace, but is also highlighting the importance of human-centric skills. 

Collar Group is one Australian organisation on the journey towards integrating AI into their operations to drive efficiency while still emphasising the importance of the human touch.

In today's digital-first environment, human-centric skills such as empathy, adaptability, and emotional intelligence are becoming increasingly valuable. These skills are essential for complementing AI technologies and ensuring that human connections remain at the heart of business operations.

Collar Group, an Australian recruiting agency, is another organisation that recognises the critical role of human skills in enhancing team performance and client relationships in an AI-enhanced landscape. 

"Innovation is not just about technology; it's about the people behind it," says Ephram Stephenson, Founder and CEO of Collar Group. 

"We deeply value the human touch alongside our use of AI in the recruitment process. Our culture and success are rooted in the vibrant human connections our team makes every day," says Stephenson. 

With LinkedIn's AI recruitment tools, Collar Group has streamlined its hiring processes, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of AI in modern recruitment practices. 

“We are harnessing AI to revolutionise our recruitment processes,” says Stephenson. 

In Stephenson's view, LinkedIn AI Recruiter offers features that enhance human capabilities, rather than replace them. The automation of routine tasks helps  Collar Group’s recruiters to focus on building meaningful connections and delivering exceptional experiences to candidates and clients.

“The platform has revolutionised our hiring workflow by automating candidate discovery, providing smarter suggestions, simplifying candidate outreach, and offering actionable data and insights. 

"By harnessing the power of AI, we have streamlined our recruitment processes, improved response rates, and gained invaluable insights into our recruitment strategies,” he says. 

While AI continues to reshape the recruitment landscape, Stephenson emphasises the enduring value of human skills. 

"Future recruiters must embody human interaction, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence," he says. Stephenson envisions the future of recruiting as one where technological proficiency is complemented by empathy and understanding.

Companies must embrace both AI skills and career development to energise and retain talent. The 2024 Workplace Learning Report finds that 86% of organisations are concerned about employee retention, with learning opportunities being the top strategy for retention. 

“Collar is actively upskilling our workforce in AI capabilities,” says Stephenson, highlighting the organisation's commitment to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

His leadership fosters a culture of learning and adaptability, ensuring Collar remains at the forefront of AI-driven recruitment. Throughout Collar's journey, Stephenson's vision finds expression in initiatives such as participation in industry events and online learning. 

"Our team's participation in 'GPT as a thinking partner: Unleashing the power of AI in Business' underscores our commitment to harnessing AI," he explains. 

By embracing innovation and embracing continuous learning, Collar cultivates a workforce equipped to navigate the complexities of the AI era.

Upskilling employees to become AI-literate is now essential to building a workforce ready for the AI era. There are also emerging opportunities to turn AI into a learning tool itself. 

LinkedIn’s AI coach is a powerful ally for L&D professionals, helping to provide employees with personalised learning plans to build the human and technical skills they need to thrive in the future of work. 

As companies forge ahead, integrating AI into their talent strategies—both as recruitment and learning tools and as a subject of learning itself—it is imperative to preserve the balance between technology and the human touch. Embracing a dual approach will drive innovation and efficiency while ensuring that the workforce remains resilient, adaptable, and, most importantly, human-centric.

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