The gender gap among AI talent

AI is one of the fastest rising skills in APAC. However this sector misses out on something crucial – a gender balanced workforce. Today in the APAC region only 2 out of every 10 AI professionals are women. This trend is consistent across the different countries in our region. 

The AI workforce of today is building the technology of tomorrow and the norms that will guide the future of AI. As AI touches more and more people, it is important that we develop it with inclusivity in mind.

Finding where talent is gathered

As ByteDance continues to grow internationally, it is increasingly in need of global talent. Using LinkedIn’s Insights, they discovered that Warsaw, Poland had a strong pool of talent and selected it as their next R&D hub. 

Understanding the flow of talent gave them a higher return on recruitment investment by targeting open positions to locations with a large talent supply.

Thought Leadership

The Future of Skills in Asia-Pacific

In this report, we have generated behavioural insights based on billions of data points from member engagement on LinkedIn. These insights aim to understand:

  • What are the rising skills in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC)? 

  • How can rising skills signal the transformations and innovations in industries?

  • How are roles evolving and how you can future-proof your employees and business?

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