Lessons from LinkedIn’s Most Engaged Marketers

Discover if you’re an Engaged Marketer on LinkedIn

December 3, 2015

Today, we reveal the UK’s 10 Most Engaged Marketers, our annual ranking of those making the best use of LinkedIn to build their personal and company brands. The LinkedIn activities that give these marketers their edge evolve each year – and so do the lessons we can learn from them. Our Top 10 all have networks that leverage their passion, skills and expertise –and they’ve also mastered the art of thought-leadership on our platform. Adopt the same techniques, and you will quickly find your own engagement levels heading upwards.

Engaged marketers build high-quality networks that don’t just have reach but relevance as well; they connect to the brands they know they can learn from, join the groups where they can make an insightful contribution, have a real appetite for consuming and sharing content, and develop a personal tone of voice that runs through their profile, their comments, and their thought leadership posts on LinkedIn Pulse.

Are you an engaged marketer already? Or are there parts of LinkedIn that you could leverage more effectively to get you to where you need to be? Scroll down for our Infographic with the six characteristics of our most engaged marketers. The more of these you can apply to your own LinkedIn activity, the closer you’ll be moving towards our Top 10 next year.

Below are this year’s Most Engaged Marketers in the UK: 

1. Nick Franco - Strongbox Technology

2. Mark Bishop - Vindicia

3. David King - Living Group

4. Sam Butterworth - Nexus Vehicle Rental

5. Oisin Lunny- OpenMarket

6. Adam Palczewski - Havas Group

7. Keith R. - Sword Active Risk

8. Andy Greenhouse- Swhype Media

9. Flora Busby - Barclaycard

10. Alexander Marshall- Clarke Energy


  1. Pontus Staunstrup - PostNord
  2. Martin Ödman - PWC Sweden 
  3. Jonathan Bean - Mynewsdesk
  4. Tobias Engvall - Volvo Trucks
  5. Frida Roberts - The Sedish Institute 
  6. Johanna Petersson - Quinyx
  7. Brian van der Brink - Qicraft Sweden
  8. Rolf Lindström - ABB in Sweden
  9. Jenny Holmström - UNHCR
  10. Gisle Nair Dueland - Turkish Airlines


  1. Gloria Zaninetti - presso Speexx
  2. Daniele Pes - Strategy, New Ventures
  3. Luigi Greco - Product Strategy and UX Design
  4. Michelangelo Giannino - Genesis Mobile Italia
  5. Rachele Zinzocchi - 3 Italia
  6. Federica Garofalo - Iglu srl
  7. Andrea Roberto Bifulco - Vodafone Italy
  8. Valerio Corradini 6K - Experienced Marketing Manager
  9. Luca Torresan - presso McFIT Italia
  10. Massimiliano Fadin - presso Centrometal