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Can powerful creative help your business generate 10-20X more sales?

The answer is yes.

However, too few marketers have the data and the examples necessary to convince finance and sales teams to make a bigger investment in powerful creative.

This growing body of B2B Institute research aims to empower marketers to bring creativity to B2B – and to secure the investment necessary to bet big and commit to that creative over time.


Latest Research: Feldwick On Fame

Full Compendium:

Cashing In On Creativity: Based on years of research conducted by System1, this flagship “Cashing In On Creativity” report makes the financial case to invest in 5-star B2B creative – and provides a systematic approach to do so.

The Anatomy Of A Great Ad: Tech Edition: This deep-dive statistical analysis of ads from the System1 database, conducted by our team, further explores the creative and brand elements that drive 5-star creative in B2B – specifically in the Tech category.

Feldwick On Fame: While data analysis is a powerful tool to predict the future, we believe studying history is equally important. We are delighted to partner with Paul Feldwick, one of the Grand Historians of Advertising, to publish “Feldwick On Fame.” This collection of stories captures years’ worth of evidence proving the value of fame – something we believe should be a roadmap for the future of B2B marketing.