It is famously said that what gets measured, gets managed. We’ve seen that to be true in B2B, where lead generation – with short-term outcomes tied to readily-available metrics – gets the lion’s share of most B2B marketing budgets. But lead gen only captures the impact driven from the 5% of buyers who are in-market. According to the 95-5 Rule, 95% of buyers – the source of your future cash flows – are out-market today. These buyers are best primed by brand advertising, which drives outcomes over longer time horizons. And while these outcomes are far more difficult to measure, they are the real drivers of B2B growth.

Armed with this knowledge, we set out to build a measurement framework that better captures the business impact of the top of the funnel.

Introducing The CMO Scorecard.

We’ve distilled decades of marketing effectiveness research to identify the ‘Creative’ and ‘Media’ principles that drive business ‘Outcomes,’ which together neatly form the acronym ‘CMO.’ Read the full report to:

  • Identify the creative metrics that generate memory among the 95% of buyers who are out-market today
  • Make more informed trade-offs with your media budget to maximize reach and minimize costs
  • Learn how to link your advertising activities to the business outcomes your C-Suite cares about

Interested in a custom analysis that benchmarks your performance against your competitors?

The CMO Scorecard is a solution we offer to eligible B2B Edge customers.

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