B2B Institute | Work in BETA

2020 is a year of inflection; the pandemic, social justice, remote working and the influence of technology on work and society have created challenges and opportunities. The B2B Institute study “Work in BETA: The Rising B2B Decision Maker” by forecaster Lucie Greene, and Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GWI, examines the changing behaviors and attitudes of the first cohort of digital natives to assume positions of seniority in business. The study pulls from data of 17,000 knowledge workers in ten markets showcasing trends in their attitudes and behaviours in business at a time of dislocation.

In this report, we identify and quantify behaviors that will equip you to understand the trajectory of change around B2B decision making and what is required of companies and leaders.

The BETAs are ready for the world, are you ready for them?