Achieve Extra-Hot LinkedIn Marketing Results with Proven Campaign Elements [Infographic]

Test. Optimize. See ROI.

March 19, 2018

Ingredients for Making Hot Sauce

With so many different types of hot sauce out there, how is a person to choose? Really, there’s only one way to determine the best flavor: a taste test.

If you want to find the hottest, boldest, and most delicious accompaniment for your meals, you’ve got to try out all the variations, side by side, to see how they stack up.

In order to make sure our new Secret Sauce guide to marketing on LinkedIn featured a recipe for maximum heat, we used our own methods to pinpoint the spiciest ingredients. For each element of a B2B marketing campaign on the platform, we ran extensive A/B tests to gain a firm grasp of which approaches resonate most with audiences.

Now, we’re ready to open the bottle and share our findings with you.

In the infographic below, you’ll find comparative results from LinkedIn content experiments with varying formats, lengths, and compositions. We cooked up campaigns through Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Dynamic Ads to concoct an optimal formula for LinkedIn marketing success. Note: These test results are meant to inspire your team to run similar tests and see what resonates best with your audience!

Here are some of the burning questions answered in this extra-hot infographic:

  • What makes an attention grabbing headline for my Sponsored Content posts?
  • How long is too long when it comes to caption copy accompanying my LinkedIn ad?
  • What is the impact of including statistics in my posts?
  • Which types of InMails drive more opens and responses?
  • How can I make my Dynamic Ads stand out?

This is only a taste of what you’ll find inside Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Turns Up the Heat on Their Marketing Campaigns. Grab your copy and feel the heat; just make sure you’ve got a glass of milk handy.