Marketing has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade - from owning the brand identity and customer-facing conversations, marketing has now grown to play an indispensable role in the boardroom. As digital technologies, data and content-based conversations converge, modern marketers are uniquely poised to take the leap into leadership and impact business like never before.

BrandConnect Delhi is a LinkedIn flagship event which will bring together marketing leaders from across the globe for an evening of inspirational learning and networking with some of the finest minds in the industry. Delegates will hear about the true potential of the marketing role, a manifesto to hone their leadership skills and best practices from world class marketing leaders on their path to leadership.

Pre-Event Content Marketing Masterclass

LinkedIn will be hosting a complimentary pre-event Content Marketing Masterclass. This session will empower marketers who have already leveraging content marketing to take their efforts to the next level.

Join us for the session, hosted by Jennifer Bunting and Sumati Ahuja, to gain insights and learn actionable tactics you can apply to your own content marketing efforts.

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A Power-Packed Agenda

Bring home a multitude of insights from our thought-provoking sessions and learn about:
- The true potential of the marketing role and a manifesto for marketers to hone their leadership skills
- ‘Nation Branding’ as a concept and best practices from the creator of the ‘Make In India’ campaign
- How industry-leading marketers are transforming what marketing means in their organizations

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Our Speakers

Jeff Weiner
Shannon Stubo
CMO and Senior Vice President, Communications, LinkedIn
Amitabh Kant
NITI Aayog
Hugh Burkitt
The Marketing Society