Hi, and thank you for watching my mini-series on how buying has changed and how sales can adapt to meet the new customer.

The idea for this mini-series came about as I was having the same conversations with sales leaders about the challenges they face. How there are more decision makers than ever before and they are self-educating themselves, making it tougher for sales teams to engage.

So I grabbed a camera and made this mini-series.

I’m passionate about sales and how the best reps are already adding new insights driven skills to their armory. So here’s what I see as the future of sales – social selling. And by focusing on four core areas we can get great increases in productivity and importantly make sales professionals lives better.

I hope you enjoy them!


Mark Dick
Director, ANZ 
LinkedIn Sales Solutions 

How buying has changed and what this means for sales teams

To start off the miniseries, we look at how the buying process has changed over the past few years. With multiple data points, we dive into how the buying process is becoming increasingly complex, competitive and social and what this means for sales professionals globally.

#1- Establishing a professional brand online

In the next episode, we introduce the idea of social selling as a way to be where the customer is and engage how they demand. We define the four pillars of social selling and look at the first - Establishing a professional brand, with some top tips on how to enhance your online sales profile.  

#2 - Finding the right prospects and customers

In episode three, we continue to examine the four pillars of social selling - focusing on finding the right people. With 380 million members on LinkedIn, this can be an amazing source of prospects and new contacts in customers – sharing my tips on the topic.

#3 - Sales Intelligence - Engaging with Insights

In the penultimate episode, we take a look at insights driven sales. Market intelligence is the greatest asset a sales professional can own and with 2 billion posts on LinkedIn weekly – your LinkedIn feed is full of powerful insights and buying triggers. We look at the top activities you can do to ensure you stay on top of your game.  

#4 - Building trusted, professional relationships

At the end of the day, sales is all about relationships. Your brand, the insights you share have one goal - to create a mutually beneficial business relationship. We go over some interesting stats, then giving you top 4 tips on how to maintain and build professional relationships  

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