Three New Sales Navigator Insights:

We are also introducing three entirely new insights as Alerts, aimed at giving you more signals to understand how to engage with your Saved Leads and Accounts.

A Saved Lead has engaged with
LinkedIn posts from your company
(sponsored or organic)*

Get alerted when someone that you have saved as a Lead likes, comments on or shares one of your company's posts on LinkedIn. This is a strong signal of interest; use this to help personalize your outreach.

*Sponsored Content Alerts only available to Advanced Plus Edition customers
*Organic Content Alerts available only to Advanced and Advanced Plus customers

Someone at an account
viewed your profile

When someone at your Saved Account views your profile this indicates that they are active on the platform and your relationship is top of mind. It might be a good time to reach out!

Account just
raised money

If a Saved Account just raised money, they are likely growing and may be looking to scale or invest in new products or services.