Social selling tools are no longer an option, it’s a necessity; your sales team needs them if they want to succeed in social selling.

LinkedIn offers a rich sales tool kit that enables you to get more done in less time, and with far greater results.

Why your sales team needs social selling tools

To stay on track and meet quota, salespeople and managers must pay close attention to how pipeline is built and managed.

Today, smart use of social tools is not only helping sales reps fill the sales pipeline, but it can also accelerate movement through the pipeline from leads to prospects to customers.

social selling tools

3 social tools your sales team should use

LinkedIn offers sales teams three basic advantages when it comes to driving sales and building pipeline:

Targeted Searches

Many sales reps spend inordinate amounts of time sifting through bad contact lists. They may find the right company but not the right contact. Or they find a contact, only to discover that he or she left the company six months ago.

Using LinkedIn’s Lead Builder, a rep can search for specific criteria such as named accounts, location, industry, job function and more to see third-degree connections. For a typical LinkedIn user, this means going from seeing 40,000 profiles to 10 million profiles. For a “power user,” it can mean tapping 20 million profiles.

Insight and Relevance

To gain traction with today’s prospective customers, sales reps need to be knowledgeable in their industry and be prepared to speak about relevant business issues. LinkedIn makes such information available so reps can use it to add value to a business need.

Social insights on LinkedIn comes from your profile. Evolve your LinkedIn profile from a resume format to a customer-centric format by showcasing:

  • Skills, recommendations and examples via your profile
  • Blog posts written by your company or you
  • Slideshare deck explaining how you helped a customer achieve their goal
  • Rich media like video on a recent customer success.

Trust and Connections

Sales is built on trust, and trust is built on relationships. LinkedIn helps reps leverage the warm connection to secure introductions to potential customers.

Using TeamLink, reps can instantly connect with anyone on LinkedIn who has an existing connection to someone else in their company. Instead of making a cold call, reps can simply ask the person within their own company to connect them to the prospect.

"LinkedIn Sales Navigator is by far the best tool for business development networking and prospecting. My entire team is using Navigator and their success rate has improved dramatically."
John Joyce Business Development Leader, Vistaprint

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