Today’s salespeople need to build social sales strategies into their current sales model to have a competitive advantage.

LinkedIn offers salespeople the tools and opportunities to connect in a more personalized way and improve social selling performance.

Make the right connections for social sales success

See how Hyland, Akami Technologies and Guardian use LinkedIn for social selling.

Hyland Trims Sales Cycle 60%

Hyland’s sales reps used databases and conference lists to find multiple decision makers in their target regions and verticals. But all too often, this information was out-of-date or limited, making it difficult for reps to focus their relationship-building efforts.

Faced with these challenges, the team turned to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helped them cut their prospecting in half, more effectively engage decision makers at their accounts; and keep up on key changes that may impact their sales.

New Horizons Significantly Increases Pipeline

New Horizons’ traditional sales strategy of buying in databases and repeated cold calling was becoming less effective and sales reps were finding that their leads were already halfway through the buying process.

The business needed a new approach that could refocus its efforts around social media to find quality leads. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales reps gained 1.7M opportunities in 6 months, a 57% close rate and 1M in revenue attributable to social selling.

“We’ve coined the term ‘Social Hour’ where reps spend from 4pm to 5pm every day identifying 10 leads on LinkedIn, spending 3 minutes on each profile to learn about the person and then reach out.”
Tynan Fischer COO, New Horizons

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