increase in targeted job clicks

increase in Career Page views

“LinkedIn is the only social network where you can target people, so for us it is a huge advantage.”
Sarah Lauprête
Sarah Lauprête
Digital Communications Manager

The Solution

To expand their reach and educate the market on financial topics, Amundi developed a content strategy around financial and economic analysis, and providing the keys to a better understanding of the current financial environment. By posting regular company updates, press articles and educational materials, their content positioned them as thought-leaders in finance while also engaging the non-financial segment.

To expand relevancy, Amundi created four LinkedIn Career Pages: two in English and two in French. These pages were then further segmented, with one in each language targeted at a younger demographic. “LinkedIn is the only social network where you can target people in specific countries and demographics, so for us it is a huge advantage, because we can share much more qualified information than on other social networks” says Sarah Lauprete, from the Digital Communication department. With different pages, Amundi could cater both to future graduates and the more senior finance talent. This proved to be a powerful example of employer brand and consumer brand alignment, to the simultaneous benefit of both.

The Results

Amundi has experienced great success with their LinkedIn Career Pages. Page views have risen by 56% and the number of job clicks has grown by 29%. Looking beyond the figures, the organisation has successfully increased both its reach and relevancy.

These initiatives have enabled Amundi to:
  • position their consumer and employer brands more effectively
  • hire more non-finance cross-functional talent that wouldn’t previously have considered Amundi, and
  • attract the next generation of graduates into the company.