"Recruitment is about working together to
develop appropriate content that we can
push through our Career Pages." 
Jason Wright
Jason Wright
Talent Acquisition Manager
Nova Systems

The Solution

Nova gets social

Nova wanted to shift from traditional recruitment channels like job boards, which simply weren’t targeted enough, to a more integrated social recruiting approach. The team saw an opportunity with LinkedIn’s branding solutions to “put Nova out there in the social domain and to make the company more recognisable,” says Schirmer.

The new LinkedIn Career Pages, which include photo galleries and employee perspectives, enabled Nova to showcase its unique culture, and give candidates a preview of what life is like as a ‘Novan’.

By personalising pages for all critical talent pools on LinkedIn Career Pages, this ensured Nova was targeting and pipelining the right talent pools for immediate and future project requirements.

Four targeted audience views make it easy for candidates to match the company’s diverse range of services with their own skill sets across: Aerospace and Surveillance; Communications, Information and Space; Maritime and Future Systems; and Transport. Each personalised talent pool view features leader profiles, highlighting Nova’s expert team and encouraging candidates to connect with their potential colleagues in similar roles.

The Results

Since beginning their journey with LinkedIn, Nova has seen more significant hires – its first LinkedIn placement helped the company land a significant contract – and says the ability to reach out and engage passive candidates is the platform’s most exciting feature.

With the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages, Nova’s recruitment team can quickly respond to changes in the business’s strategy, updating the pages to reflect market segments the company is targeting.

For example, as the company continues to develop its presence in the Transport space, Nova can continue expanding the relevance of its brand in this sector.

Nova’s rapid growth depends on finding the right people at the right time – and the secret to this success is ensuring candidates can envision the workplace and type of projects they would be working on. By defining the right talent brand with LinkedIn’s tools, including the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages, the opportunity to scale, yet still personalise, their story is huge.