rise in targeted job clicks


increase in Career Page views


"The new Career pages gives us a more personalized, visualized look, which is incredibly powerful when you need to appeal to specific candidates.

Angie Booth
Corporate Recruiter, Powell Industries

The Solution

Powell Industries decided to focus their time and investment on new ways to quickly bring in quality candidates who were the right fit for their company. After experiencing success with LinkedIn Company Pages and Sponsored Updates, they decided to test out Career Pages. They were hoping that the platform could help them build their employer brand, access talent with a wider skill set, and help reduce churn of new hires. The team knew that to attract and retain the best talent, candidates needed to better understand how it felt to work at Powell Industries. With minimal effort, they updated photos, built out their pages with content and created multiple page views to cater to different types of talent.

Career Pages have transformed the way Powell Industries pinpoints the right people for the right roles. “We’re pretty unique. We're a publicly traded company, but we are very value focused and very employee focused. We pride ourselves on making sure that everyone feels like they’re invested in the company.” says Angie Booth, Talent Acquisition Recruiter. “Having the ability to put special stories on the LinkedIn Career Pages is really exciting. We can better share who we are, what we do.”

The final integral part of their strategy to attract the right candidates to their pages was using Traffic Drivers — targeted ads on LinkedIn. The key to their success with Traffic Drivers was spending time tailoring ad content to specific audiences and being very targeted with their reach.


The Results

Having coming from a place just months before, where they were struggling to recruit and retain talent, Powell Industries is already seeing very strong results and overall boosted morale.

  • Page views have increased by 39% — meaning visitors are engaging more deeply in the personalized content.

  • Job clicks have risen by an average of 233% (yes, 233%!) compared to the old pages — showing that visitors are more interested in the open roles at Powell.

  • These results stem from a combination of the new page design, the relevance of jobs showing up to candidates, and the strong content created by Powell.

  • Being more strategic with their ads to drive traffic to their pages has helped more of the right candidates discover their content and jobs.

  • As the pages are shared across all locations, they’ve ensured there’s one central, consistent message being delivered at scale — creating an increase in overall efficiency.
And the bottom line? Powell Industries has been able to bring in more of the right talent and reduce attrition among employees.