The Solution

When driving recruitment on a global scale, Unilever has a smart strategy to stand out – showcasing the business and life at Unilever through the voice of their employees. “More than 150 employees from across our global workforce have shared their insight, expertise and experience on LinkedIn Pulse, which is currently the largest content sharing platform in the world. We recognise the impact this has. We share their stories with our 2.2+ million followers on LinkedIn as well as via LinkedIn Elevate, a content sharing platform, for their colleagues to share across their social networks,” says Keeran Gunnoo, Unilever’s Global Employer Brand Director. “By leveraging the employee voice we are able to share a more authentic view of what it is like to work at Unilever; our values, culture and what is important to us as an organisation. This detail provides information that allows passive talent that we are trying to attract into the business to make a more informed decision about pursuing a career at Unilever,” she added. 

Unilever champions their employee voices through the new LinkedIn Career Pages to showcase their blogs – publishing on average three or four on a weekly basis. Unilever also regularly shares streams of rich media in the form of images and videos, illustrating life at the company. Through the blogs, employees share insights into their day-to-day roles across the business, giving an insider perspective not available anywhere else; real advice based on real experience. The organisation takes a forward-thinking and strategic approach toward amplifying this content, targeting – where relevant – geographies, functions and an audience which will find this content truly engaging. Recruiters also share the blogs with potential talent early in the recruitment process, offering rich insights into the business, allowing them to make a more informed decision about a career at Unilever. 

The Results

The new LinkedIn Career Pages successfully bring the purpose of the organisation and the employee experience to life. Frequent country or role-specific content updates (of life inside and outside of the office) are driving better engagement. By opening up this information to people on social media, Unilever has been able to extend their reach and help candidates make more informed decisions.

  • Unilever now has more than 2.2 million followers
  • They've recently seen a +51% increase in page views per person since the introduction of the new LinkedIn Career Pages
  • By matching prospective employees with relevant jobs, the Next Generation LinkedIn Career Page has also increased job clicks by +12%.

These figures demonstrate that the fresh approach to amplify the employee voice is having a real impact on attracting talent.