“To work at Gi Group means to be part of a dynamic and evolving company where you make a difference to other people’s lives, every day,” explained Maria Luisa. “We are truly committed to contributing to the evolution of the labour market and it’s our aim to emphasise the personal and social value of work. This is our mission.”


“At Gi Group, if you have something to give, you know that there are people willing to listen to you,” he said. “I feel empowered to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table – ideas that position our brand and our ethos in a great light and in an environment that is professional, friendly and open.”
“I am very lucky to work with people that are inspiring and willing to share knowledge and that’s something very important for me. Now, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”
 “We started working with LinkedIn several years ago and today it’s one of Wyser’s most strategic partnerships. We work together on different topics, such as employer branding, positioning, talent acquisition and performance management. I like to define LinkedIn as a partner – we develop both brand awareness and business. It’s the perfect match in relation to strategy and operations.”