“We saw early on that the new LinkedIn Career Pages, with the right message, helped us reach and recruit a more diverse range of quality candidates"

Jaidyn Martin HR Manager

The Solution

To showcase their commitment to diversity and equality — and attract the right people — GovDelivery chose LinkedIn Career Pages to bring focus to their core values. They developed audience-specific content by using multiple Career Page views; one for general candidates and the other for more tech-focused roles. This maximized the value delivered to each group.

GovDelivery wasn't looking for cookie cutter candidates and they knew they couldn’t expect a cookie cutter message to attract the right talent. Their employee value proposition went beyond the beer fridge and ping pong table, it was the people, opportunity and culture that differentiated them from their competition — showcasing this to potential employees was critical to their hiring goals.



The last step in promoting their unique story on LinkedIn was to get in front of the right audiences and draw them back to their Career Pages so they could understand how GovDelivery was different. LinkedIn understood the types of candidates GovDelivery needed to engage with and placed meaningful ads in front of them.

“Career Pages makes it so easy for our candidates to learn what makes GovDelivery different and special,” says Jaidyn Martin, HR Manager. “They don’t have to change websites to figure out who we are.” Finally, having a strong web presence for their brand has helped them compete against larger corporations going after the same talent.

The Results

GovDelivery’s new LinkedIn Career Pages produced amazing success in the first four months:

  • The combination of the improved user interface and updated design, the increased relevance of jobs candidates were served, and the strong content created by GovDelivery, increased Career Page views by 42% and targeted job clicks by 138%.

  • With audience-specific content available from one, easy-to-manage hub, GovDelivery quickly improved traffic and engagement on their Career Pages.

  • The content rich pages supported diversity goals and spoke directly to the types of candidates they wanted to engage.

  • Equally important for this lean team was a significant reduction in resources required to find the right person for the job.

Having a strong and deliberate presence on LinkedIn put GovDelivery’s recruiting needs on a much more level playing field when competing against bigger, well-known technology companies. This holistic strategy started to win the talent they needed to keep pace with the business needs.