Ready to bring your employer brand to 'Life'? Please submit your story below. Use the following considerations as a checklist prior to submitting your story:

  • What was the business challenge/opportunity you were looking to solve with your employer brand? In general or specific to talent segment.
  • Describe how your employer brand strategy or approach addressed the challenge/opportunity. 
  • What were the activities your undertook in planning, development and implementation of your employer brand including examples of recruitment marketing creative, content and channel activation. How are you thinking outside the box and/or test ideas. 
  • Please share how your employer brand has enabled you to attract the best talent. Including, but not limited to:
    • Story/s of marquee employee/s that have been hired as a result of your employer brand
    • Increase in # or quality of followers and brand engagement 
    • Reduced cost or time to hire 
    • Strategic partnering with hiring managers or leadership team


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