Job trends

The UK’s top-three emerging jobs:

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Data Protection Officer

Robotics Engineer

Key takeaways

AI comes out on top

As technology advances, interactions become more automated, and our expectations grow, it’s not surprising Artificial Intelligence Specialist is the number one emerging job in the UK. In fact, there is 18x more talent employed in this role than in 2015.

With GDPR, data protection roles grow

In the first year of implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) there were 41,000 complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (source). As data privacy concerns grow, so too does demand for talent to fill roles such as Data Protection Officer and Cyber Security Specialist.

Skills that help improve user experience are in high demand

Whether it’s qualitative research, usability testing, or content design; in an increasingly tech-focused world, skills that enhance the end-user experience continue to complement more tech-orientated roles.

2020 Emerging Jobs Report front cover

Industry trends

The UK’s top-three industries employing emerging jobs:

Information Technology & Services

Computer Software

Financial Services

Key takeaways

Technology firms dominate, but things are changing

Though the IT services and computer software industries are currently employing a large majority of emerging jobs talent (33% of professionals are employed in these industries), the pharmaceutical industry has the highest year-on-year growth when it comes to hiring for these jobs (+49%).

Non-traditional industries are also hiring

Some surprising industries are also attracting emerging jobs talent. Sectors such as human resources and marketing make the top-10, as do healthcare and research.

The great gender divide

Currently 65% of all these emerging roles, across all the industries employing these roles, are held by men. The telecommunications industry has the most imbalance with a male to female ratio of 81:19, but 71% of talent professionals report that achieving gender parity at their company is a top priority (source).

Location trends

The UK’s top-three cities for emerging jobs:




Key takeaways

London calling for emerging jobs

Not all of these jobs are in central London, with the borough of Hillingdon—home to Heathrow Airport and a number of aviation companies—seeing the highest year-on-year growth at 41%.

Companies looking to smaller cities

Though the focus on most emerging jobs is still London, cities like Belfast (39%), Cardiff (35%), and Nottingham (35%) had the largest year-on-year growth in emerging jobs.

Looking outside the UK

Despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we are seeing professionals from India, the US, and Spain employed in these emerging roles within the UK. However, we’re also seeing UK professionals with these roles relocating to the likes of Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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