LinkedIn Career Page Tips That Help Attract Top Talent


Introducing our speakers: Elizabeth Faralli and Anastasia Milgramm

[00:00:10] Hi everyone welcome and thanks so much for joining us today. My name my Riley and I'm on the Talent Solutions team here at LinkedIn and I'm trying with my colleague with Ali. No I'm going to be walking into the next generation Oslington kitchen and deep dive into some of the newest features to help you succeed with the new product.
[00:00:29] Before we get started I do have a couple of fun keeping I had to go over your own music by default so if you have any questions ask you think you know when you're on the right hand side of your screen. And you will receive a recording fine tuning actually worked out right now to keep your eye out for that. And finally your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. So please take time at the end of this one hour take the survey that top of your screen. And I'll let them take it from here.
[00:01:07] Three things play about here I think again we're going to be  addressing today.
[00:01:40] Twenty five minutes or so and I will introduce you are my favorite feature of the new design and give you five tips on how to build a brilliant age for your company. So we'll start with a quick intro a new product for those of you who haven't seen it yet. They will go through our kit revealing a growing page and then finally wrap up with plenty of time for humor at the end. So with that let's jump into the new product.

The next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages has arrived

So about a year ago we first to think that there might be even more that we can do with for ages to help you attract and ultimately to hire great talent. We've been like that often in our interview of hours like you understand what we just focus on the redesign from that research forming thing emerged that you'll see reflected in the new design buyers brings to the right. We heard you wanted it easy for the right talent to find and give their content. Today you might think that the creative career unique and easy to miss out on. So you guys with your friends that are the people in town were looking to reach. We heard that you wanted to be able to share stories about what makes your company a great place or better last year. We wanted to bring this story alive. The new group is not only allowed to do that it keeps you in full control of the brand messaging that your deliverance your audience serve. We know that ultimately you set about hiring great innovators. We've learned that sharing fraternized job additions was a big benefit of cricket but it's more about more than Galaxian about getting qualified applicant. They're a good fit for your company. There's a new piece of your front and center for the right people.
[00:03:30] You need to do to really easily track the value that you're getting from your age. Don't fully revamp our analytic measurements all at your fingertips so that you know exactly where her investment that you're getting from your page. Overall the new creative thing well you across all four of these dimensions and the network know we believe that users are going to get tons of valuable information about you at the company and you will get even more ideas about it with your company.
[00:03:59] First seen a 50 per cent increase in PE use for over there compared to the previous version of data. So they know that members are very engaged with the content on the page and sent out of it safely. We've always been a 125 percent rate in your views on job age. This means that Evered are far more likely to find interviews with job that or phrase than ever before. How is it that you are not able to do that now these should be them on your screen right down.

New features allow you to bring your company to life and appeal to candidates who match your needs

So perfect is to show he's an authentic voice by leveraging your employees and you know better than e-mail your employees are your greatest brand ambassadors.

[00:04:38] The tool  allows you to leverage their respective experiences to tell a really authentic story about what it's like for your company.
[00:04:46] The scientific advantage of rich media design there are Hohn we believe that to share images videos and content that will really run your company like the 30th insecure on that and make it more governable with you with ease you have utilities over our population to enable you to specific engineer these big to fail. And with the new design for the very first time you actually need the public for that matter. Areas within your company advised the right that your dollars you used maturity you are talent knows that you at the company are hiring people like that in an effort to redesign his job at your company. Easier to find and more relevant.
[00:05:39] Another and finally deficit is something your thoughts on the new functionality makes it easier than ever before edit a manager for Age really has shown that a little bit. First let's take a closer look at the first step which is how you showcase your opposite way through.
[00:06:00] A little stand by 514 found that employees are three times more attractive to provide credible information about what is left to work for a company compared to a company than personal work for a public relations team and that means simply that because your employees know your being that they are the most significant and the best ambassadors for your brand.

[00:06:23] So our offer is really small when delivering papers meet your employees front and center.

Easily feature your company’s leaders and influencers, so job seekers can learn more about your unique talent culture

The first thing you can do that is by featuring your company leaders in important areas are key mind. Leaders are one of the first thing job seekers look for. So as a result this new company year model is featured prominently at the top of the page and allows you to figure out a for company leader in this example as you can see from is uncourteous. We are looking for leaders marketing and communications team for them who want to. So there link to her LinkedIn profile where they can learn more about her theory working at or outside London. Secondly you can do that through a complete model of the entire feature. Many of you and was also part of the alternative design model allows you to highlight authentic testimonials from one or two employees from your company allowing your colleagues to share their stories directly with back of course at the can't even go with the model that they allow you to tell them your company stories through this or that no child is trapped in your enclave. So eating your plate so you can all the news tonight. The bigger concern is that you're only one before you can do that through the new company photo model. This allows you to feature in real life either something your employer your office. Then you name it. You can be out little as 4 or as many as 20 photos on your page.
[00:07:54] The example you demonstrate here is for an underdog who is in your big marketing company here using these features of other contemplate how at best and I lack insight and an insurgent near the back of liberty and you're on the right side with never quit and one of the thugging also if you're even harder on her green nearly broke through all although they are sharing all of the images get back to a challenge.
[00:08:19] I'll look into what life is really like for me on one of the most important thing that we want any sort of come out of this feature is that you are in complete control.
[00:08:30] For now the lady would softly tease why do you believe was photo directly from her computer but in the future it will allow LinkedIn to actually press goes directly to the advent of buzz with life in their video library and Vernier as it happens. You would be able to choose to include absolutely certain things that would allow you to present that authentic voice even if you are a complete controller.

Showcasing employee-generated content is an easy way to humanize your brand

The way that I wanted to show you you're able to feature generated content is through the new employees the fact is model. I think a lot of that this does not give you the ability to share one forum post written by employees drool at Linden publishing popcorn. Some here even highlights two different pieces of content that you're pleased to read whether it's about your company your values that include specific role or vision team culture etc. The role that we're hearing on the screen from Dalia who is a proper debate and how we don't care how far it's used to feature content from their engineering sales and diversity teams you can see for example that the middle photo was written by senior director of engineering about what life is like by his team. Yeah it is a really great way for a candidate to hear from a trusted source about what the dominant culture is like would say same people that he or she would get to work with if they were for our committee accounting administrator. I would take a comment on your page. It's really really easy. You can do one or two then you can have link or search for a very specific code that you're aware of or you can select from experience that will provide for you. There will be some residual bits of content that was read by the police tugboat recently and operability making it really easy for you to be sure that your phrase actually read now.
[00:10:20] At this point you may be thinking well this is great but my companies simply aren't or maybe not really with 5 million voters or your employees but always refer to her is that this is not deniable and many of them originally thought maybe in fact they describing how he feels threatened by their employees were already out there. That said if you are even thinking about it it's very early. Here are a few pieces of advice. Well first let me know that you hear from them and letting them know that simply you're up to your career. Looking further ahead and vote to share this incredibly attractive and really easy to leverage a larger to explain why you're doing that in the first place and why you need our help. And it's even easier for you in our health center. We share enough that you can use. It was Hopkins's as the years his feelings again as we share with you afterwards. Well then you leave those needy healthy for the past month if you haven't already done so elaborate and make it really clear what the key share and what not getting affected by them cheerfully lock them your comfortable actively promoting your uppity third nominating complete champion to help get people out of the program. You know people are already really active on social media sharing photos that are happening. It's a really great freedom. You can meet business leaders in Argentina. Get those employees and golfer and you find them only get irritated as well next to a company that only does this really really well.

[00:12:00] You want to check out their house and it will be like any other family didn't like it and other folks either. Really great ways to encourage employees to focus on social media and also make it really easy for you as an administrator. Then find those photos and then with the complete promise then share you onstage. And finally games. Now we know it might not work anymore but it is all of the things we do. The very idea you can get an up for voting photo or sharing content. And I'm concerned that I think in some ways for you celebrate their dating.

Share rich media to make your page stand out and bring your company voice to life

[00:12:34] All right. Now happened there. Did I get hurt visa for our concept what is taking advantage of new jersey our need to bring your company. Thank you.
[00:12:45] This part of the page redesign we've added many more places where you can share rich media. First a new cover image will allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your page. Take a look at these three examples from World Vision Unilever and Starbucks. Each of these images immediately draws the viewer in and speaks to the unique culture of each company.
[00:13:08] This new cover image will appear in the background when members are viewing your company page and any of the three tabs overview. Jobs and life which is also called What We Do For customers.
[00:13:19] You can have this image from the overview tab admin panel. One thing to note if you don't have the time to create a new image for your page you can easily use an image that you already have. Third example you can repurpose an image from your corporate website your Internet or use other social media visuals that you already have in play. Consider leveraging your marketing team for help accessing the content. Now let's talk about another opportunity to add rich media to your page. The hero module is the most prominent visual on your career page. It is meant to immediately catch the eye of prospective employees. Now we've made it bigger and better than ever before. As you can see in these examples from two of our charter customers. What is exciting is now you have the ability to add video into this module as Voltaggio and Shangri-La have chosen to do video content will play right within your page without the visitor ever having to leave LinkedIn. If you notice the image of both these videos is also populated right in the light tab itself. That video on Shangri-La page featuring colleagues months also appears of a thumbnail and the like Tab image. This is by design. Let's take a closer look at how this works. Now you'll be able to customize and add a new tab images to immediately engage your viewers. Here's another example from Uber where you can see that the image of the driver in the hero module also appears as an image in the light type itself in a prominent placement at the very top of the page. The image in the light tab is automatically populated from the hero video where the static image for the overview tab. You can actually add in a different image via the admin panel. Any company page admin will be able to add this. You can see Uber chose to use a different image showcasing one of their office locations. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these new opportunities to bring your brand to life through rich media through both static photos as well as videos. This is a fantastic way for you to showcase your brand to prospective candidates.

Now, viewers will see the content that’s most relevant to them—driving engagement and attracting qualified talent to your company

Now it turns where a third recommendation for building a brilliant Twitter page content to different audiences. Within two pages you have the ability to customize content to different types of audiences. We know that relevancy drives engagement and the things that matter to one type of audience will not necessarily resonate with another. As a result we designed the page to allow you to show viewers content that is most relevant for them. Please note the features only available with specific career page packages. Third with Apple. If I am an engineer looking at the career page for track bicycle a bike manufacturing and design company in Wisconsin I'm going to be much more interested in learning about engineering attractive than I would be in say sales or operations. You can see that track has chosen to feature specific company leaders images and content that tell the story of what it's like to be an engineer.
[00:16:18] Attract from them. A viewer can virtually step inside the door of track and get a sense of the team culture the people they might work with and for the project they could work on if they join the engineering team. Now the story that resonates with an I.T. professional however may be quite different. You can see here that Shrek chose to feature a different set of leaders content and images to speak directly to an I.T. audience. When a member visits your page they will automatically see the content that is most relevant to them. We do that through an algorithm that matches your content to the information that lives on member profiles. For example if my profile says I'm an engineer or that I have engineering skills I will automatically see the engineering content Entourage page. If my friend is an I.T. she will see the I.T. content in this case to build content tailored to different job functions. But there are a number of ways that you can tailor content to different target audiences. For example Unilever a consumer products company headquartered in the UK chose to tailor their content based on the location and the language of the viewer. In these examples you can see the types of content Unilever shares with viewers in the United States and the types of content that Unilever shares with users in Brazil. You can see that both the company photos and perhaps most importantly the employee perspectives are different for each region on the right. For the Brazil view of the page you can see employee perspectives are written in Portuguese by employees in Brazil work for you. The U.S. page on the left you can see these perspectives are in English and they're written by U.S. based employees. Now some of you might be thinking this is not a new feature. In fact the old pages also have the ability for you to tailor content to different types of viewers. What is new in the redesign is that for the first time we are making these different views discoverable. But take a look at what I mean. On the old design members were only able to see the content most relevant for them. For example only the engineering content contract pager only the Portuguese content on Unilever's on the new design. We have made all of this content discoverable for all members through a new drop down menu located at the very top of the page. Take a look at this example from World Vision a non-profit organization based in California. World Vision has built five different audience views one default more general view showcasing a broad look at their culture and careers and then force specific views designed for unique types of talent.

Give talent the ability to discover multiple career views with your next-generation LinkedIn career page

[00:19:00] One of these features microfinance careers look at how this content differs from the default view shown at the last. You can see a different hero image and a different group of leaders. Now take a look at one of the other views. World Vision built to promote their humanitarian and relief careers. Again they chose to customize the heroic image and promote a set of leaders tailored to this specific audience.
[00:19:25] The idea behind building these different views is to populate images and content that speaks to these different audiences. But World Vision also chose to make the content discoverable to all viewers via that dropdown menu.
[00:19:38] So if I'm interested in a world vision but I'm not sure if I want to learn about microfinance or if I want to learn about humanitarian relief I can use the drop down menu to learn more about both.

[00:19:49] Please note that this feature is completely optional. Admins can easily turn the drop down menu on or off or they can choose to make only certain audience use public to all viewers. As mentioned earlier the audience you feature and drop down menu are available only to companies with specific career page packages. If you're interested in learning more about how you can get this for your page contact your relationship manager or send us a message through the chat.

Show the right candidates you’re hiring with the fully automated jobs tab

Now let's shift gears a bit and talk about our fourth tip. Ensure that talent knows you're hiring. You might have noticed that there is a prominent tab for jobs featured on the new page in designing the new experience. We wanted to make sure that talent could not only learn about what it's like to work at your company but also make it really easy for them to view and apply to your job.
[00:20:41] The great thing about the job is that it is fully automated. No set up work is required by the admin to populate this page in order to maximize engagement with your job. The best candidates you will want to ensure that your company's open opportunities are posted to LinkedIn. Then we automatically serve as relevant job to the right candidates using our proprietary job matching algorithm. In the example shown here Liz has the marketing and operations background someone with looks at lists page. She immediately sees marketing and operations jobs that match her skills. Now these jobs will be very different if I look at another page because my background is different than Levis background and I would be a fit for a different type of role left.
[00:21:24] We serve service jobs in this way by design. We want to encourage people to apply for a job for which they are a good fit in addition in the case that Liz wants to see all open opportunities at least she can click the blue link on the top right to quote see all jobs you can also scroll down to see the most recently posted jobs. Or you can search for a specific opportunity right within the jobs tab. So far we've spoken about leveraging your employees to promote your company using rich media to tell a compelling storytelling all of your content of yours and utilizing the new jobs tab. Now this might seem like a lot of work or at least a lot to think about.

Customizing your page is easy, thanks to updated admin tools

Let's talk about the last tip for a brilliant career page using the new tools to easily populate and manage your content. The great news is that our new admin tools have been completely overhauled. In fact we found from our charter customer program that on average admin for these companies updated their page in less than 10 minutes. We have specifically designed the new portal to make it very easy for you to edit and customize your page. Let's touch on the key features first the edit note is finally here. We've given you the ability to preview or save your page prior to publishing. So let's say that you're in the middle of adding company photos that you need to go back and find that great one from your holiday party.
[00:22:50] Simply choose to save your seconds. The portal offers a much more intuitive line editing experience so you can make changes in the same way out they will be published of yours. We also make content creation really easy and some of our new modules like employee perspective by suggesting content that you might want to highlight on your page. And finally we make it really easy for you to top about specific modules on or off. If for example you prefer to hide employee testimonials on your page. You can choose to do so and easily turn it back on at any time. Of course we encourage you to leverage all modules on the page to ensure that you're engaging members with all of your rich content.
[00:23:33] Overall the admin experience is designed to make it easy and intuitive for you to update the page once you've gathered all of the content a copy of these slides will be shared with you following the webinar. You can also find additional resources to help you succeed with your new page listed on the screen at this time. We will open it up for Q and A reminder if you have a question please enter it in the Q and A box on your screen. On the line with us we also have Eric Koski our product manager responsible for the career page.

Appoint employees as your social media ambassadors to showcase your global brand

[00:24:04] Will be available to any answer any questions that you might have. Prorate we have quite a few questions coming in today.
[00:24:15] My company has a really big global company out of contact to make sure all employees across different roles and regions are affected.
[00:24:24] Sure I can take this one. That's a really great question actually Shangri-La one of our charter customers you guys saw a visual from them a little bit earlier in the webinar. They have a very interesting approach to gather images and stories from all of their hotels and offices around the world because their employee experience is different across all the different countries that they're in. They need a way to gather all of this rich media and all these interesting stories. To do that they've actually appointed social media champions in every region in every hotel. And what these champions do is they run quarterly campaigns around the globe to uncover stories from their employees. For example one of the champions in one country uncovered and recommended a story about a pastry chef at one of their hotels who grew up as a carpenter. And then he won Best ice sculptor in the world pastry competition which is a really cool unique story that they then featured at headquarters and incorporated into the modules on the page. The employer brand leaders at headquarters consolidate all of these examples from the local social media champions and they incorporate it into a content plan that they manage.
[00:25:29] So just one example of a company that's done as well create and you explain a little bit more about what type of content will live on.
[00:25:46] So much of this is going to be the same content as the content that's lived on the old overview tab or the old company page a couple of key things to call out the look and feel is going to be very similar to the redesign of the courier pages. There's also an ability to add Virgin Media into the overview tags and there's actually two more spots search media and it can be different than the images that you're adding onto the like Tab and then how many different audiences can create custom pages for break often.

Showcase many aspects of your company and directly reach a range of target audiences

[00:26:21] It really depends on the package. But you will really have the ability to critique and limited audiences.
[00:26:30] I would encourage you to think about what your priority segments are.
[00:26:36] How many regions or function and language are standing firm. Daniel you're in a country where languages gambol French and English speaking in Canada. When you consider having two versions of the correct age so many things to think about and then also think about where the messaging is really different that you don't necessarily have then it's a page for every month that think about those radio audiences are how you show it the messaging to the different segments and then you come in this little bit say could you be ready for the lead for British Yeah. I believe the word will stand and lead to a document which will give you specific vision on those will be and you want to find it right now with the available clutter to give you an idea of the different places that you can have on the page. But the holiday world our hero is a video that you share. There are also three cups involved here too which were an old page and you can imagine the video there. And there is also that coverage which appears in the background. And finally the tablet images and again the one on the left call up here automatically with your hero. And any order you have is something that you'll be able to share from the overview tab separately. Again all of us back will be sharing afterward.
[00:28:09] And one thing to note too is that we typically recommend and we've seen a lot of successful companies are actually targeting and using both static as well as videos. So we talked about that a little bit but I would definitely encourage all of you who are Adams on a career page to think about places where you can incorporate video into the content. It's performed very well and that really interesting way to kind of create a different experience for the audience especially because it doesn't take anybody offline CNN live directly on the site.

Add videos to your company page to capture candidates’ attention and effectively tell your brand story

[00:28:40] That's great. Yeah kind of along the same lines. Do you have any recommendations on that training video and the length of the video?
[00:28:53] Yeah I think generally speaking the range of length in that courtroom as opposed to the event's success is between 60 seconds in two minutes. So we would advise anything much longer than that.
[00:29:04] Yes. Keep in mind that it plays Redmond in the teens which is really cool. We often see a pretty big drop off and you send them out of the paper back home. Keep in mind that many people are asking the wrong guy and he's happy Ion's is not. So they're exploring your company and you want to be able to catch their attention pretty quickly. So I agree with that man Curtis would be there to keep it both. I then again it really effectively tells your story. That will to what that is that they like the fortitude that they're conciliators video by a viewer. That is again you have access to thatU.N. something really affects to turn them into a region or language to that.
[00:29:54] And then are there any differences in the page restrictions that we've had on this.
[00:30:00] Not very clearly that just to reinforce though if you are a surgeon faffing clapped her in the late typing like it will be called what do you wear that marker your businesses. We're also considering other than other observations that have to the more you others battling hot summer in the future. But for now that is the difference that you'll be seeing.
[00:30:29] And I'm currently and I can do I update my company career page to my own Lynda Page or how I got on the Ellen Page Yeah.
[00:30:36] Would you search for your company in the search bar on LinkedIn any land that your company is from there you if you are and haven't already that's where you'll be able to choose at that age.

[00:30:50] And then right we'll check back in his here says Jim. We need an employer to have in permission to have other things something age or heritage.
[00:31:01] You clearly don't need permission. We look at it as an individual company policy issue. So if you have a company policy that requires you to acquire inplay permission before your portfolio then you should do that. There is no mechanism in the product where you can check with employees before publishing photos.

Next-generation Career Pages let you target your audience with refined filters

[00:31:24] And then I currently don't have a career page what will accompany to work for me.
[00:31:31] Great question. So actually you just quit leave that quickly and sure like you can see with this goodbye.
[00:31:40] So you can see that it has redesigned. Thirty have been reviews have jobs and like it you're not a really hot summer job in L.A. House not here for you at all anymore. On this shirt today basically last year I gave you a job have you really don't know how long you just had it or were you free which as Peter noted it effectively the same figure that you would share on your own on top of the hour.
[00:32:11] Today we're with Namor and we had offices in different states just to make sure for our interviews.
[00:32:26] We have become a sort of a picture from different house something fun from vacation.
[00:32:31] Sure as long as you have access to a service that allows you to create multiple reviews you can certainly target the cover photo as well as all the other content on the piece to be tailored to audiences location and exactly the forefront of our profile.
[00:32:48] So I'm based in California and Asia than you are. We could actually see the building Bridge and the empire building in the background. What are you doing there thinking about that for a year?

[00:33:02] These are two really high hiring markets and I believe that in these markets or where your kids are different and agrees of the age that event that you have in your effectively catered to those two ideas.
[00:33:17] Agree and then similar to what talk about marketing added a couple of questions here. How do we target? The thing filters before.
[00:33:27] Yeah. So yeah it will be the thing before and I will also pushes back to Slide quickly to show you an example though. You walk you through two examples and Unilever track to this is a primarily about job function which again is based on an ever profile Unilever Daniel was based on location and language. You can see English version quirky review atrophies Brazil or whatever region may be. So those are two of the leaves you can often do based on industry or a combination thereof if you like. Again those 30 doctors will stay the same way you were in June if you had this version of the today okay.

New analytics allow you to export data and track performance on social media engagement

[00:34:12] There's so many more questions but we only really have time for one more. And if he doesn't mention what we'll do with their online but he briefly mentioned some more information analytics that you mentioned at the beginning but can you tell us more about that.
[00:34:30] Yeah.
[00:34:30] Right right. So the cool thing is we have not a single company that you at the lower end that will actually orchestrate a new analytics area and then how absolutely often it's going to be that you need the money to factor that.
[00:34:46] Yeah.
[00:34:47] So there will be a few components of analytics and the entire analytics experience will be different. I was just a few things. The first is for the first time you'll be able to export your data and you'll be able to export data and update performance your follower activity. And also your page traffic. Second you'll be able to track your performance on social engagement against a set of companies that you use for the first time. So I'm really excited about that and it will also give you more in-depth data on the performance of your career pages including things like. For those of you who have multiple versions of the page Tyger traffic is distributed across pages. And then finally it will show you how your ultimate career of age is impacting the rest of your recruiting pipeline. So you'll be able to see how many people for example visited your page prior to accepting new job of your company.

[00:35:32] So we're offended about the entire analytics experience and were working for the web and are coming up short.
[00:35:40] Great question. Thank you so much for joining us this morning afternoon evening our candidate. I really appreciate that you're confident that we're out there online. We'll be following up with you over e-mail. Make sure that it ends there. You can also always reach out to your in relationship manager account under a better idea of the answers. And we will again be sending a recording. Following at the end of the session as well. And they began letting marketing all over the next few.