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Introducing our speakers

[00:00:14] Hello everybody and welcome to what you're missing. Hiring features revealed. My name's Robert Dean. I'm on the market team here at LinkedIn and I'm thrilled to have you with us today. Now just before we get started I wanted to go over a couple of quick housekeeping notes note that you all are needed. This Line is muted. If  you have questions please take them into the Q & A box in the right hand side of the screen. Definitely tied to those throughout the presentation as we go. We'll have a dedicated time at the end. We will be addressing those questions. Also do note that we are recording today's session and we will be emailing it to you. So keep your eyes peeled for that along with the presentation in the next couple of days. And finally if you take a brief moment to complete the survey before I would appreciate it. Now with that let me go ahead and introduce our speakers and then I'll turn things over to them. First we have Alan Hom and Sean Manley. They're both senior customer success managers here at LinkedIn and I'll go ahead and turn it over to them and let them do a brief introduction.

[00:01:08] Hi everybody. My name is Alan Hom and I am a customer success here. Then I've been here at LinkedIn for roughly seven years now starting in our recruiting team. The team maybe you as around to join our customer success organization around 30 years ago and currently working with companies corporations ranging from the know the hundreds of employees to couple thousand employees again on a daily basis I work with clients that are looking to increase brand engagement as well as recruit talented organization. I'm passing it now to Shawn.

[00:01:51] Thank you for that Alan My name is Shawn I'm also a customer success manager here out LinkedIn. I've been here for about two and a half years but prior to that I was actually in the staffing space myself.

[00:02:02] I started off with insight cycle as a recruiter or worked my way up within that company and then moved over to Google for a few years before taking the role here. Right now I am supporting our staff and clients here on the west coast. Anybody that is enterprise level much like Allen a little bit different. Most of those accounts are all recruiters but I have anything from workers at a company all the way up to 100 so definitely know what it feels like to be a recruiter on a day to day basis.

[00:02:29] And we're going to really help you really understand some changes that have to do with him like the recruiter.

Today’s agenda: hiring challenges in 2018, LinkedIn hiring features revealed

[00:02:34] Since the past year there are any changes that you should be aware about coming in the future. So our agenda for today is as follows. So we're going to talk about some of those hiring challenges that you're going to face here in 2018 Linkedin hiring features revealed. We are going to be going through some presentations here and also live demos or will we give meaning to those expert tips and tricks. So moving forward our area of focus for talent leaders and I'm working with a lot of my clients. Allen please feel free to really contribute. Really thinking about four different things that they really can focus on. The first one obviously is our Talent Sourcing. You really want to make sure that you'll be able to find that talent and really what are you doing with that talent. Once you do find them maybe they're not interested today but they could be within six months or talk about some of those pipeline features. We also have different strategies in terms of how you're going to be able to take a look at this data on a day to day basis. I'm going to be focusing on this towards the end of our discussion. But again how are you able to really take a look at your own data bring it to life and really impact some of those in 2008. Again it is not only going to be for you or what's happening some of those industry trends are going to be discussing both so within town sourcing and pipeline management again there's three areas that we're going to be focusing on here. It's going to be starting off with jobs so what happens when you post a job within LinkedIn. How are you able to find some of those candidates and how do you put them into your pipeline. I'll be focusing on LinkedIn recruiter are really the changes that are happening within again late in recruiting over the past year. And then we'll talk about some of those career pages as well. So really how do you market your own brand on LinkedIn and how do you get people interested in your own brand. And then last finale's the strategy of the data reporting we'll talk about on a high level what's happening around within the industry for hiring talent in 2014 and then we'll take a look at your own data reporting. So with that being said let's just go ahead and jump right into it. Allen we're going to get into it and go ahead and talk about some of those jobs.

Leverage your position with a “parking spot” feature

[00:04:34] Awesome. Again just to clarify that the Linkedin jobs we are really focusing on your your priorities for talent sourcing and managing pipeline. So again our jobs help me bring in some of the best talent out there the best parts in town as well and help build that pipeline right off the bat. As it jumps this next slide will do little to foster a love on how jobs work on the LinkedIn platform. So there might be a couple of things that we want to clarify today. There are a couple of things that we have to offer in terms of jobs. Again these are jobs that allow you to really go in and leverage a parking spot feature and it allows you to actually you in jobs when when needed. And it allows you to go ahead and take jobs in and move jobs out. This is our job which typically are just one job at a time. We also have the ability to use the algorithm to really give your jobs that exposure to the candidates that really want to work for you. So we use in that background algorithm to match people's job titles with the certain jobs you have said the keywords on their profiles. With the job description you have in me expose it's worth twenty two plus million members who viewed LinkedIn jobs every single week on the platform. And again that number definitely varies. But again on average 22 million individuals of jobs every single day.  Just want to talk a little bit about the differences between the job sites on the platform vs. job post those outside of it and externally in the job boards. The first thing I want to mention is that again you can't keep jobs with unlimited edits. Again your job slots last for a whole twelve months. You also keep the data so any in the tool or any other data the API clicks the job you use that data stays with you guys you get keep that information. We have another tool that will how you optimize and make sure your solution is working to its fullest. So you're gaining exposure to your job postings throughout the LinkedIn network. What could be better than us right. Seriously. So again when we first see some of the job posting boards outside of Linkedin. We have 500 50 plus million members on the platform. That may not be looking for jobs but when they come to the platform and they open up their homepage they might see a job they might be interested in or they click on the jobs tab and they see jobs that are really relevant. Same title or a title of what they currently are and they get intrigued and interested and think about hey maybe it's a good idea for me to actually go in and explore opportunities with this set company based on stuff that you get. This is one component of the ecosystem in which we're going to talk about.

Demonstrating the “job match” feature

[00:08:05] So we're going to go in and do some demo and I'll go ahead and share my screen while he's doing that.

[00:08:12] Please keep in mind some of the changes that we do have coming within Microsoft Word. We know how those LinkedIn jobs are being integrated. Any time somebody is actually going out the résumé stuff you haven't seen that before. Definitely take a look.

[00:08:25] A quick google search will be able to find a great suggestion.

[00:08:28] So as a show you guys I'm in a pool of at least in dot com profile and it's just slowly go the jobs tab right here. Again this is where the money is at least using algorithms to show me prope jobs that are matched to mine and go fast so I'll see here jobs that are similar to my current job title are in my league jobs and I'm really really interested in maybe I'll take my talents to our competitor class or don't we.

[00:09:01] Maybe I'll go to work at a small company here in Texas California or here in Redwood City. I'd love to have the option as a member.

[00:09:24] Once you get your job onto the LinkedIn platform it's going to peruse the network look for members that have their settings set their career interests set and show them the job at the right time. Okay. And again just to show you what the process looks like inside all of this is housed in one place it's within you leading recruiter platform. You go in and actually walk in the simple process of just posting a job. And again you just hover over jobs you post the job and you can easily fill out the information and even link your job to your career site or even to just collect within links.

[00:10:11] And I do want to mention that you have analytics on all your top jobs. So any the clips any of the job news you'll need to see how few jobs perform and a lot of disinformation I introduce you to copy paste this information into your job posting. And again you can actually collect your applicant within LinkedIn you mean personal touch by showing your profile. Then again the great thing about this is once you fill this customer service manager role you can boom popping a new role for a media software developer or account executive. That's great. It's very easy to utilize. And again you can really just getting your thoughts right here in the reports tab to only do something very important.

[00:10:53] I think a lot of my clients really focus on when you're actually filling out the job site Aldrich's type your screen if you just go ahead and click on that pencil button. He really walk them through you talk a lot about her algorithms how we're going to try to match up those jobs.

[00:11:08] But what happens if I try to add special characters or anything else here other than the drop down menu.

Creative job titles can be fun, but they won’t get your job noticed

[00:11:12] So what. One thing I always see is when companies get creative and utilizing titles like coding ninja or you know coding monkey. These titles are very interesting but do nothing to help with the opposite of what you might do is try to use the sheer algorithm. What are job titles chosen from the drop down. It's will give you the most common title and this will give you the ability. Show me your job in front of those software engineers whatever it might be. Always always try to leverage this drop down menu because it will help.Job applicants have seen your job posting. You have the ability to come in and actually filter those applicants so some of the ways of filtering these applicants out are updating the location, tech community work to narrow down those out it's by service where the you can to see if any of these applicants have a message or projects from the past. The cool thing about having everything on your recruiting platform is that you can look at supporting the rest of your teammates to collaborate to reach out to again.

[00:12:32] Great way just really making sure that you're only getting the best the or only reaching that's the best thing that happened to me all the time.

Use keywords to filter candidates and find the right fit

[00:12:41] It is. Especially when I was recruiting. My favorite thing was I was actually at Google and elsewhere for a director level person for a software engineer. I have a dental hygiene that's actually applied for that role. So just to take a lot of your time to look through every single applicant. All we really want to make sure that we're able to narrow down by utilizing these were firefighters so one of the easiest way to do that is if we see like a location you want to make sure that they are currently located in the same area you're going to eliminate those profiles from maybe outside the country or even outside of the city that you're currently recruiting. But as I mentioned we can use the key words whatever they refine their search within the job cuts and I shall go over how you can filter out.

[00:13:21] You know and it's maybe not the case and leverage. So we did John that in its initial asset. Some key takeaways with your job sites.

[00:13:32] So first things first LinkedIn  in March this year just the most qualified candidates on LinkedIn network through our efforts. Yes. So that's the big point. A lot of other job ads don't you don't have members coming to your site. There are sites daily to connect with one another or these. We have that information and you can physician your shots to those individual. Right. Many of you get to hear and can still file. You don't have enough time. You can utilize those filters you just talked about location messages search keywords get for a candidate. And also our application process seamless and simple allows people to complete their applications in a quick amount of time. And for those of you that are interested we do have a new easy feature if you are letting candidates you want and it's in year eight. Yes as well as within LinkedIn recruiters have an easy 005 feature which allows you to complete the process with a meeting.

To recruiters: keep the job descriptions short and simple

And one last industry said for all of you keep the descriptions short and sweet. Most consecutive jobs from their cell phones nowadays. Guess these things can get really really helpful tools and individuals are pretty much group those everyday.

[00:14:59] Yeah we hated it as recruiters when we see no great communication and resumé or proficient in Microsoft Office. What does that mean. Remove the fluff do the same thing from your job descriptions and you will see an increase on your applicants.

Refine candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter

[00:15:13] Awesome thank you for that Allan. We're going to be moving on to our next area which is like the recruiter obviously stuff i ship products on the talking about little bit with how we're going to be able to refine smooth are those applicants within our job search. But how do we really actively seek candidates and really start up our towns sourcing.

[00:15:33] So really taking a closer look. I'm going to show these in a live demonstration here in just a moment. But the really the two main areas that are going to be focusing on are spotlights. So there's a number of different ways. Once we do have that perfect search put together how we're really going to be able to filter within that search. So what am I talking about. Well essentially you can't find those candidates who are now open to opportunities. Maybe they've applied to rules in the past and are going to talk of course how that's going to affect your mouse. The number one thing that you can do as a recruiter is get as many candidates into your pipeline in this fashion she possibly can. So obviously these follow features are going to enable you to get those more candidates by increasing your email acceptance rates recursive some connect. This is something I'm just going to briefly talk about. Right now we are making some enhancements within some of your systems. And essentially we are partnering closely with some of those folks for a just under. So if I'm doing any work within Linkedin recruiter and actually send an email. All that work is going to automatically update within your system. This is obviously huge for your recruiters because it's going to save you a lot of time on a day to day basis. So if you do have any questions definitely feel free to reach out to anybody here at Linkedin and we'd be happy to discuss further.

[00:16:47] So yes actually just do it. Of course if I'm going to talk about some of these updates. I'm going to have to show it within Linkedin recruiter. So bear with me one moment here. You probably will see your screen flash and I'm gonna start sharing my screen here with like a recruiter.

How to search for your ideal candidate

[00:17:03] Give it one more second variable. So the top of our screen there's a number of different ways that we can do here within the search bar. This is one of the most powerful tools and one of my favorite updates. So first of all we're not going to talk about it. You can't do a keyword search within the search bar. Keep in mind we do have a couple other features that again I do like. So the first one is being able to certify the search by the ideal candidate. Keep in mind we are in incognito mode you know most are not going to be able to find some as good looking as Alan of course for Justin as you are best bet and see somebody here from the drop down menu. What do you think. Well I know Alan is one of our top customer success managers here. So if I ever wanted to duplicate him I want to clone him. There's a lot of our hiring managers here. Basically what we want to do is put in his name. I'm gonna select it from the drop down menu. And again we're in incognito mode and it's going to give me all the profiles that are just like Allen.

[00:18:01] Keep in mind here as well I can select my name and I can go ahead press go. And again this is going to be our ideal candidate search. So get a quick way for us to find candidates that we think are going to be an ideal fit based then we'll be able to discuss some of these refined filters to make sure that we're finding that individual contributor rather than in miniature I'm going to be going through this rather quickly.

[00:18:24] Just so you know I'm going to go back here into another search.

[00:18:28] And now we're going to do a job or a job title search. So let's say our product manager here will answer in a location San Francisco which is where we're located. And I'm just going to an end results here kind of that red. Keep in mind this was meant to be really high level. But this is our job title search. For those of you who are familiar with the search you're going to imagine that this is really enabling us to hit the ground running. The two new searches that we have here. I don't have a lot of leads. You're anything like me as a New Yorker. I had no idea what the heck that was for 36 months. What I really like about some of these features again as it's enabling us to really cast a wide net that so we know as Alan was mentioning is super important really is a junior job title or putting out a job on laziness across our network it's a thrilling anymore. It's really been a fine job and algorithms match that job with that prospective candidate what I'm actively hunting. I don't think I want to find that software engineering job. Anybody else is really trying to hide a particular type of talent. What a difference a job title. I want to be able to search for them here.

[00:19:39] If I wanted to say like product manager I can actually type that out here.

[00:19:46]. If anybody had an across the network reported it all was nothing. They are actually going to be showing up here.

[00:19:57] But again just a quick example as I click on another type of job site here. From the drop down menu we see we just went from twenty one thousand four 44000 candidates again anyway just to really cast outside of the net so the other features that are around relatively new.

Filter candidates interested in contract or freelance roles

[00:20:12] We do have this new feature here from the drop down menu. It's going to allow us to find somebody who is interested in relocation. We have a lot of features on on how people are really filling out their profiles. One of them is. Are you interested in relocating for that perfect role. So just a quick example if I'm working on a really difficult role I have less than 50 people in my area. Well have they ever find those people who are interested in relocating. As you can see here the total number of candidates obviously increased once they had current and preferred so I'm gonna be skimming through a lot of these refined filters.

[00:20:49] We obviously don't have enough time to go through each and every single one but I do want to mention here the employment type.

[00:20:54] This is for any of my recruiters out there like myself or working a lot of contract roles. You can now be able to filter down by employment site part time or even contract. So again if you're looking for those specific people who are interested in contract roles keep in mind again this is going to be really high level. We got search for San Francisco Bay Area. You can search via postcode and as you can see here we have 30 refiner filters that are going to be advanced. A lot of these you can actually entering yourself. You feel really creative with your recruiting and use this as your customer relationship management system. So again if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at LinkedIn we'll be happy to go into more depth by going back to our search.

[00:21:40] So if you remember from the beginning there really is a few things I'm so excited to talk to you about. And really what I'm talking about here is the spotlight features and then emails.

[00:21:51] So taking a step back. So if I'm reaching out to a product manager and I just know this be working I lay down and seeing some of my clients results. Physically I'm going to see about a 20 percent acceptance rate. Again obviously I'm reaching out to a senior product manager is probably getting lower than that from region to junior level or could be even higher. Again the average person is going to respond to my email about one out of every five times.

[00:22:17] But this fall like features are really the most exciting parts about LinkedIn recruiter. So starting here with people cause more likely to response.

Spotlight features help you get more candidates into your pipeline

[00:22:27] So anybody that's going to be in the Spotlight feature these 30 600 of the 60 300 subset that we're likely to respond because they actually complete a job seeking behavior on a day basis they could be applied to one of the roles posted or they could be searching for jobs online that we do see the email acceptance rates start to increase when you start to reach out to these people in the spotlight this particular spotlight. And the average acceptance rate is 30 percent above average. So a great way for you to start off and yet again working on this is your pipeline faster than ever.

[00:23:01] The next one is the opportunities I want to touch on this a little bit in the beginning when you honestly to dot com profile how you actually are able to add updates. But any time somebody is open to new opportunities. Essentially what they're doing is raising their hand unlike the dot com and they're saying routers come by me. I'm ready for my next play.

With InMail, well-qualified candidates are more likely to respond to outreach messages

[00:23:20] As you can imagine I'm going to talk about Dell's email acceptance rates because they are absolutely phenomenal. So typically we see a 16 percent acceptance rate in the first hour and 40 percent in the first day. So we're taking a step back and talking about that 20 percent acceptance rate doubled just by working out within this particular spotlight. And again I'm getting that acceptance within the first day that 20 percent acceptance rate is over the course of three months. So the name the game day candidates and your pipeline you will absolutely love this sort of thing never seen it before. The last few they really kind of coincide together. It's actually what is a pretty good segue way into our next topic which is going to be talking about our career page. But the first one here is our pass out for kids. So any of these advisory roles to pass on. You're going to be able to certify any type of search within like the recruiter and see that's upset here. And then we also search with your town brand which is really what I'm going to discuss here. So we've opened up a lot of lines of communication as we like the dot com Linkedin. But if anyways applied to your role or they're engaged their sound friend and they visited your career page either two or three times were likely to respond. So you did hear that right on typically here the candidates are going to respond 40 to 60 percent of the time off for good. Email sense.

[00:24:41] So these are some of my favorite changes. Again we're going to talk a lot about the intelligence once they come back here to a quick demo. But what I want to know is a quick recap and then we'll pass over to Alison who will be sharing my screen here for a moment or something else like that.

[00:24:54] I'd just like to go with this. I mean she says saving your search is notifying you that you cannot need it has joined the network or maybe changed so far that you can take that. Are those new candidates on the same search. And get them into your pipelines. Also again we decided to bring the work for you maybe when you're actively selling some great features a game we can't cover all day but that allows any kind of news source.

LinkedIn Hiring does the heaving lifting for you

[00:25:29] Yeah I couldn't set a better any time that you're able to get somebody to recruit for you and lay down your we can innovate that process process by creating a search for work. So any time somebody meets the specific criteria we'll actually send you an -inmail and notify you at that rate and recruiter that new candidate again for some of those difficult roles that you want to kind of set it and forget it that way. Anybody the specific search criteria comes out that you're serger able to adjust to that candidate medially so start sharing my screen here.

[00:26:05] To our key takeaways. So again keep in mind there's 20 advanced features in here including quick easy searches with the ideal candidate which we first discuss email response phrase. Are we really going to talk about your own data here in just a moment. But keep in mind every single one of you with a Linkedin account will get 150 credits per month. And also it's truly the best experience for the account management and customer success for us. So we hear these lines that trainees on a daily basis we do even have a learning center so you can find but you do have a customer success manager like myself really make sure that you and your team really know what your lessons on a day to day basis that there are here to help. Just one last 7 you can increase your princess by focusing on the both passive and active talent.

[00:26:58] So I we really talk about this on how we're really able to create circulars but again there are other ways that we can really get creative with and look to recruiters and make sure that knowledge sourcing for today we're sourcing for tomorrow and six months from now.

Increase visitors to your company page

[00:27:18] So Linkedin did a survey recently and we do this pretty much every every quarter. But we asked individuals no. No one asked. Sure individuals do not just don't know what it's like to work at that company. So with that here is what we're talking about today is just how you can actually tell a story. Individuals that are potentially looking for jobs. I mean I've never heard of you and your reach out to bring this person up and get back to your part. We're not talking about how our career pages allow you to tell that rich authentic story. Know where you guys came from whether your company that's recruiting for other copies or your copy that's you know on the ground for trying to regroup rocket ship rocket ship give leverage our ages and target those items that are coming to your page looking at your jobs being reset by your recruiters or connecting with your employees. Hey we have an amazing company come work with us. Right. So again it is. There's actually 15 percent year over year increase in atheist visitors. When you guys here. And today what I really want to show is show to show you guys are some companies that are just yelling and hitting and out of the car. I shine that culture on the big ten network. There were first song we do that and talk about differences between the age and age copy age. Pretty standard it's free. You're able to just do a little bit of information that tells people about what your copy does and you don't just put it in copy details and you also still have the ability to put out this year of course and even areas where jobs are hosted. Get pushed into a search get with our career in case you're going to see a more robust page something like this. Hey you did not be huge it's obviously a little bit it's payoff but it really does help. Your store story further. You can use images you can feature specific the year articles reminding employees testimonials and feature on your page for the moment a potential candidate. Consider the age they can use. Hey I never really knew why he was so I should reconsider. Said there are many ways to see this incident dream car. Maybe I'm going to go ahead and do a little bit more thinking. Watch some of these videos. Maybe e-shop to a recruiter employ me or maybe you look at a job and apply rate. So again your career heritage does a great job at showing you guys doing our members what it's like to work there. You also have a job that guides in which we showcase the most relevant jobs. Few that candidate or most recently posted forget just allows you to tell that that culture. Any you can utilize content as created by employees and that on that. So go ahead and share some of my my my personal favorite career pages on deleted that works with me for a moment. While I share my screen I should to that too. Again what Shawn was mentioning earlier around this way you can is engage with your town press of these individuals that are coming to your age. During your days using your jobs. They actually get added to that spotlight fell through. So now your recruiters know hey these individuals are actually working our breath. They're engaging with their wrath. So maybe what we should do then is we just saw this sooner.

Identify your target audience to find the right talent

So here we have a cleaning company. I'd really like going in and taking a look at some of the offer different target audiences they've got. Also you can have up to 20 target audiences or each one were just one. Yes but the bullies who really just can't tell that ethic coaching careers is a great place so I guess you see freezing rain images from our offices. We're featuring our leaders engaged CEOs today first leaders. I hear that the females are male. Is a great way to attract talent as well. Want to bring in talent the slacker leadership race. You also have the ability to showcase images of videos as well as talking about diversity. That's something that is really important to you or talk about supporting your company. And it also shows some really great company photos that you know either confessedly does or just done on. I mean that's far more or Android which has super awesome cameras now attached. In Los Angeles we really utilize our employee perspectives on this. He's basically puts in writing on the lead and what were about there. Julie why they love working at their company.Teams are not ready to do a job and they take those articles and show them right onto the stage. You draw potential candidates a look see it's two ways. I'd be one voice. And then again just some cultural insights are taking directly from the other employees on the network to be there to prove that this is one of my favorites. Do a great job as well vacation's some of the imagery featuring some of their leaders having a crazy video of course not everybody can do it. She done video but again if you care their favorite they see each them as well as copy photos. And again they included a coy testimonials from employees that work. Insert. Talk a little bit about a city that was an item that frequently. But I want to make sure that you all understand why her age is so important so needed in that ecosystem for jobs in Europe.

Separate yourself from the competition

So again why separate yourself from the competition by making sure filling in for your iPad showcasing you can also gain insights. These U.S. based Asia. Are they in the job function of hearing or Joshy sales. You break all that down with this tool for a. Lesson At least you're allowed to tell the company's story. She had that canon that had a long journey. Again as you know every candidate has a different path to joining. Some people might just get the straight jobs. It just seems like connectedly might come to career here and then get used up. So every single individual has a different candidate. And when this industry sit down with all of you. But does he need the backing that we're seeing your. Snowhite engage with it. If you're going off to engineers for coming we're kind of information with a working artist. I see you go into sales people you're going after a certain type of eye candy what kind of information do you want to share with that person. Let them know. This is a great place for you as an individual to either start here grow your career or end your career whatever it might be. So come on and you can utilize this career just to share that information with us.

New data features give you insights into your outreach

[00:35:51] Yes thank you Alan. Yes we are in the final stages. So what is at the end of the tunnel. So thank you so much for being so tentative during our session today and I'm going to be wrapping this up with a couple things. As far as I'm here but we were talking about recording or report in analytics. So this is going to be pretty straightforward. We don't know how many presentations for you because we're so excited to talk about so how you're really going to be able to manage your team and yourself on a daily basis. What I'm gonna do is actually just jump back in to our screen share and we'll go back into a product. But while this is loading up there's really three things that I do want to talk about here. So as we discussed thus far one of the first things that Alan mentioned was really how we're going to be focusing on jobs and I'll talk about that first then Howard we're really going to be able to take a look at some of the overreporting with recruit. And then last finale's what am I going to be doing in terms of those. So I was one of the most important topmast that we are going to be able to talk about it.

[00:36:57] So we all should be able to show some of that data as well. So we don't like to recur here.

[00:37:02] As you can see our already have this open but what you really want to do is make sure that we're coming to reinforce the job analytics. So before I even begin to talk about some of these analytics here we've actually revamped this so you will see this within the first quarter of this year I believe our revamped section within our job analytics have a brand new UI and for your love of the data that you're looking for well certainly here at the top of our free these are all the jobs that are being processed across your dashboard.

[00:37:32] So we can see it in the past 30 days that there were 76 different jobs hosted across our dashboard. We had 70 in 100 views in two thousand applies.

[00:37:44] So right then and there. Are you able to see exactly what's going on within our jobs but this is probably one of the most important things I look at to really see how well a job is performing across our network. Meaning if every person that views our jobs how many people are going to apply. So doing some quick math here. If I had a thousand views in 2000 replies would be about 25 percent which is typically what we're looking for or an applied purview.

Check to see that your post is garnering engagement, not just views

[00:38:11] So any time that you're able to take a look at this. You want to make sure that when somebody is actually engaging with your job that they're actually clicking along what are some of those best practices again making sure that they're short and to the point removing some of that fluff and that's what we're really able to see that at work come to life here with the views.

[00:38:31] You can't break down this data even further per job or even see how any trends have happened. Obviously we can see a number of people that are hoping to apply for jobs anyway. First Sounds like a lot of people looking for a job has some fun that night but is going to start picking back up hordes to be part of this year.

[00:38:52] So the overlying information I really want you to understand here is we are available to help you really understand the data the back end. So once you do start posting jobs only ever refer you will have a customer success manager that only show you how to understand this data at a high level. We'll walk you through your own analytics. So the other data. Let's take a look at is within the recruiting workforce. So what I'd like to do is just hover over a recruiter or see the reports at the top and click on recurring usage.

[00:39:21] I personally think over the last three months especially if I'm working on a client and I really want to see how they're performing on a day to day basis and personally when I typically do and I have to bring this back to some of our product teams. I scroll straight to the bottom here and it really gets to the medium between us we really understand like a high level view of how my recruiters are performing on a day to day basis. And as you're taking a look here you can see how winning some more active users. But actually again in incognito mode so we're not going to be playing some of our own data here and really sending know to the audience which you can see who's applied or who's blogging yet again to recruiter and you can take a look at each individual. How many jobs are there posts that are posting searches performs those search alerts and Alan really mentioned when I was doing a live demo there making sure that they're setting themselves up for success not only for today but in the future. And again we can take a look at how many profiles are viewing an email sent as well as the acceptance rates.

No one likes spammers. Make sure your recruiters are taking targeted action.

Here's really why I take a step back and take a look at the correlation between the profiles viewed in the emails sent. I really want to make sure that your recruiters are taking the time to take a look at each individual profile on a day to day basis and then send them an email. We do have a ton of spammers on LinkedIn recruiter. It's definitely not a best practice you'll see inmail  acceptance rates decrease. And what I really mean by that is you can take a look at profiles view. If I see that Allen here just for a quick example he viewed a hundred profiles but sent 500 emails. I know he's not taking the time to look at every single person and make sure that there's a good fit for the role. And of course we'll probably see his acceptance rates start to decrease. The last one I always hear what we're talking about emails. We also have a number of different data that we can take a deeper dive into as well.

[00:41:11] Again if you have a guest for email analytics and this is what our job analytics as well as recruiting pages will look like eventually we revamped this probably about six months ago. Alan from around there this is our new emails page. We're super proud of it. Obviously a much sleeker design enabled to give you that information.

[00:41:29] You're truly working for. So right now we are taking a look at my dashboard. You can filter down by an individual recruiter or even set it up so you want to take a look at a specific office but you can see how many emails that they're sending. Who's accepting who's declining and who's not getting the response this information. For me it would be awesome. Formation. I could take back to my team to really help them improve. But here's really where we get dangerous with some of these are spotlit features as well some of the other tasks we see here at the top of the screen. So one of the things that I did mention if you don't remember within weeks and recruiter opens you opportunities. My personal favorite.

Making effective contact with potential talent

So what happens when you reach out to those particular folks who are open to opportunities. Also you well a specific response rate for that particular category as well as some of our other search spotlights that we do have. Oh I'm not going to go over every single one of these tabs here. Again we do have the ability to take a look at schools just for a quick example. So if I'm reaching out to somebody and say you look at this data I see you know University of California Berkeley. They are sliding at a 40 percent excessive response rate. So these are some of the easiest people to get into my pipeline. What what's happening here with the University of Melbourne where I have an 8 percent Swat's rate that means I need to send like more thoughtful. And again a customer success manager can take a much deeper dive than I have time to today which is a perfect Inmail looks like what should I be sending out to somebody at University of Melbourne who typically doesn't respond to my emails. This is going to be huge information for you and your company talking about how you're going to be able to hire that or should we raise that hiring bar and come through for them hiring manager fast and then possibly could or if you're in the search zapping space feature competition by being able to get those best candidates to respond.

[00:43:18] So time and roll some of the individual templates I really like this as well with a recruiter you can send templates to an individual and you can see which ones are performing the best and of course look if those seats. Obviously went over a lot of information. We hope we didn't overwhelming too much. We're going to take a step back. Is there anything this regarding some of these analytics.

[00:43:43] I think it's just again every single one of our tools or features will help you become better at life. You're trying to accomplish whether it's again engaging with potential followers you know increasing your response rates improving your job application rate. We have the priority for putting an end for all our features. And again we even have some custom stuff some of our account management events for success as well. So again you're in good hands and you do have the ability to really improve on what you say.

Leverage a market to get more candidates in the pipeline, and use branding to reach new candidates

[00:44:20] So just a quick summary. So what the heck did we talk about today. Obviously it was a lot so again jobs really want to make sure that you can actively find candidates on leads and dot com.

[00:44:31] So we talk about how we're really going to be able to leverage that particular market to get more candidates in the pipeline and leagues and recruiter you know what is new. And there's a lot that is continuing to change as we look forward to 2018. But I talk a lot about how to get more candidates into your pipeline. And then how we can take a look at some of those reporting tools career pages Allen did a fantastic job. You know again branding is becoming such a crucial piece of being able to reach out to new candidate if they haven't heard of you. They're not going to be likely to respond. And then how do we bring all these analytics other so to really make sense of what my team is doing on a day to day basis for what I'm doing as an individual and how I can improve. Also a lot of information that we would cover for you today. So again thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate you. We should have some time here first some Q and A.

Identifying a better way to contact candidates who are open to opportunities

[00:45:32] And we're going to go ahead and address as many of those as we can and definitely keep those questions coming. The first question I've got for you Sean is when it comes to open to new opportunities is there a way for folks that are open to new opportunities to include contact information.

[00:45:50] That's a really really good question. So without giving too much away I don't want to hint that we are exploring different ways where you're going to be able to reach out to somebody who is open to opportunities.

[00:45:59] Wink wink wink keep a look for any of our quarterly product review calls and we will be releasing some new features this year.

[00:46:08] Also to keep in mind anybody who becomes open to new opportunities you still have the ability to send them an email and emails are currently free for the first two weeks so the second time become opens opportunities you do have the ability to reach out to me directly.

[00:46:25] The next question I've got is what spotlight features is that available to folks who are already using their partners might not be available so we're utilizing the parking spot I probably would need some more information there.

[00:46:39] What it would mean that. Like what do we mean by partons spot what are we talking jobs with the jobs.

[00:46:46] Yes.

[00:46:48] Yes. While the future is only going to be available with the only time recruiter jobs online they are like a parking spot you can take one down and put one back up any time you choose to do so.

[00:46:58] Great. And the question that coming in is there a way to filter search on recruiter for candidates with premium accounts.

[00:47:06] So any time. So there is a big difference between a link to recruit or for premium accounts. And what we've shown you today. So like the recruiter that is our account a lack of products are our most premium or best product that we do have are within LinkedIn. So you do not have the ability to utilize Smiley features with any of our premium products or premium links and either only available.

Identifying the difference between a LinkedIn career page and a company page

[00:47:31] We've had a couple of questions come in around the difference between career pages and company pages. I know we went a little earlier. Can you give a little bit more of an overview of where the differences between them.

[00:47:41] Yeah absolutely.

[00:47:42] So the difference between the two a company page is absolutely free so anybody can create a company page you just simply go into dot com hover over your profile picture and there's actually going to be a blessing for you to add a company page and then you can add relevant details so you can add a background about your company a little blurb about three paragraphs long how long you've been around as well as a link to actually your Web site. But from there pretty much all you can do. We will actually have a link for your jobs and we will auto populate that information.

[00:48:14] Within a career page re-enable you to basically build it out however you see fit for your particular company. You can actually search to target specific jobs based on a person's background. So watchfully out those algorithms for you to really maximize your jobs.

[00:48:29] If I'm interested obviously within your company. And then the third part is you can actually build out a window. So basically really hone in on again my background. So why am I interested in your company. Well perhaps I want to work there. Maybe it's a good opportunity for me so I can actually click a drop down menu to see what would be like a day like that or a company or maybe I want to buy your product and you can actually I can slide to drop down menu and have that page look entirely different from there we're going to provide you analytics. So who's exactly visiting your pages. And why do we can actually do the background of those individuals as well as again why are they visiting your career. Maybe it's more of the business development purposes or maybe they want to work with your company or your company. And then from there we work with customer success manager we can really make sure that we are honing in on the right and the talent or the right type of person in your career space so long winded answer but really the main differences there is you have a lot more that you can do in a career epigenetic of great affection.

How to post jobs in multiple cities easily and promote diverse hires

[00:49:30] The question got coming in is around jobs. You have one job alone.

[00:49:36] You can take folks from the other multiple locations in Chicago will know what and see. Less is there a way to post that job in multiple cities.

[00:49:45] Unfortunately the only way you can post a job promotable says it is to post multiple jobs. Right now you can only select one from the dropdown medium.

[00:49:55] Grade and let's see what else we've got coming and a question about emails.

[00:50:06] Is there any recommendations that you would give for improving your email response rate.

[00:50:12] Well one thing I'm sure you're up for mail is only a portion of them are actually being myself.

[00:50:21] So if you were running for a long time you're probably used to being able to send over a line job description or a lot of information regarding that job because a person was more likely opening it up on a computer where there's a lot of space right in reading that information now that we know the 35 percent of the people are opening up on a cell phones. As you can imagine our screens are very very small. You really have a short window of really being able to engage with that person because more than likely they could be reading that email or watching TV at night or maybe online when they're when they're trying to get a sandwich for lunch today. So the best thing that you can do is keep your email messages under 500 characters or less. I know that is going to be rather difficult but if I can do it you doubly can as well make sure that you're selling the person as quickly as possible while mentioning something about their background. Whether it's where they went to school or maybe the company that they worked at so they know that email was specifically meant for them and no one else. And they're trying to sell the company you like the work there. Maybe it's a work hard play hard environment maybe it's a fast growing startup where there's growing opportunities. But again trying to put as much information as you there and be straight to the point. Also what I'd like to recommend if you still want to add more information. Job description anything else like that. You do have the opportunity to add an attachment. It's a paper for bike on at the bottom of that email message. Go ahead and click on that paperclip bike on and then again you can add more information. So again 500 characters or less. If you think your email messages is too long or maybe it isn't emails yourself open and up on your cell phone is the best way to see.

[00:51:56] Fantastic. We've had a couple questions comment around searching to fill for diversity in mind. Are there tools available to help with that right now.

[00:52:07] No there's no way for us to really hone in on somebody's background. Again keep in mind league member profiles of privacy is completely up to them on how much information that we do want to share. We do have are within our learning center information on how you can utilize them to recruit or better. What are the things that I will recommend checking out certain groups that you think have to be diversity that you're looking for. Be sure to check out our learning center to find more information on how you can actually search for somebody with a diverse background.

Using LinkedIn to find candidates who are open to opportunities for a better chance at engagement

[00:52:38] Great thanks. Another question we've got coming in. Is there a way to search for candidates that are currently not employed and or open to contract work.

[00:52:50] Yes. So within Linkedin Recruiter we actually have this would find the candidates probably about six months old so maybe not brand new anymore but not within our league on the left side. It says career interests when you click that refine the filter you're going to get a drop down menu which is as a full time part time contractor internship. If you simply like the contract you're going to be able to find anybody who is interested in contract opportunities for the people who are actively seeking work. That is a great question. I'd be happy to share a boolean searching and all know we're going to be able to provide it. But do a quick google search do yourself a favor and trying to find those are bullying suffering that are out there that will say open to new opportunities or interested in relocating or perhaps even you know are open to starting a new job. There are building surgeons out there that will enable you to find that based on what people are entering on their profiles and enter that in the keywords section in order to be able to find anywhere based on their profile where they're saying hello. I am available.

[00:53:53] Great. And on a related note we've had a few questions about open to opportunities still there. Could you give a little bit more detail again on how that works.

[00:54:03] So yes great question. So if you're within that are linked in dotcom we actually scatter this information everywhere but if you're following along with me on your computer to actually open up by your profile right underneath your picture one of the first options that you're going to see on your dashboard is career interests. If you click on that career interest area. Again we have this scattered all over the place including if you're actually applying for jobs last year you want to become open to new opportunities once you're in your career interests area. This is where you're going to be able to select an information base. The thing that you are open to opportunities so much easier for me as a kid is to basically raise my hand by clicking a button saying I'm ready to leave LinkedIn rather than filling out a resume and putting it on one of our competitors. He also add this information to my LinkedIn dotcom profile. It is not public. It's not going to be in my current employer. Even as you can imagine there's a ton of people here at Linkedin willing to repurchase these who have leave to work overseas or I could be able to search for me because we of course work at the same company. In this hour one can only be turned on for 90 days after 90 days were automatically shut off because we didn't want those candidates to be fresh within opens opportunities. But from there I can add information like what people call them interested in what locations I'm interested in and then whatever jobs are moved in to get those full time contract for time or internship. So what they are that information and then you're searching for a customer success manager like myself. You're going to be able to see all the customer success managers within your search and then within that Spotlight feature at the top of the screen. The ones that are open to new opportunities.

Wrapping up: reach us by email with more questions

[00:55:46] Fantastic. Great thanks Sean. And we're coming up on time right now. Going go ahead and wrap things up but I want to thank all of you for attending today. We really appreciate you being part of this win. Get your question today we'll try and reach us by e-mail and directly answer that so definitely keep an eye out for that. If you want to learn more you definitely play up on that link for freedom or. As you wrap today please make sure to fill out our survey there's an option there to request to be contacted to reach out to you and go into everything whenever. Today in more detail and give you personalized information. And with that again. Thanks everybody for joining today and thanks so much to Shawn and Allen. Glad to have you guys with us.