Being a good recruiter means having sharp instincts about people. Being a great recruiter means pairing these instinct with data to impact how your company hires. We call this the new corporate superpower.

Our survey of over 9,000 talent professionals shows that 69% of recruiters say using data helps elevate their position in the company and what is more -- it helps elevate the companies themselves.

That’s because when everyone else is throwing out opinions about whom to hire, how to hire, and where to hire, data allows talent professionals to sit at the proverbial table and point to the facts. It allows them to predict hiring outcomes, not just track them. It enables companies to more strategic hiring decisions and out-compete competitors. 

This report will walk you through how 6 of the most innovative companies like Novartis, Atlassian, Nielsen and their recruiting teams are using data to:

  • Boost employee retention
  • Choose office locations
  • Improve quality of hire
  • Build relocation programs
  • Gain trust with leadership

Download the report to understand how to make the most of data and help your career and your company forward.

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