Your Talent Pipeline Strategy Just Got A Lot Easier



Meet the “fresh” speakers for today’s webinar, Jessica and Liz

[00:00:03] Hi everybody. Welcome to today's webinar a fresh reading of your pipeline strategy. My name is Robert. I'm on the market Steve Irwin den and we're thrilled to have you with us our presenters today.

[00:00:14] We've got Jessica Boyd of unindexed she's the telegram editor there and was very pleased to see me. Murphy manager operatively Dan before I turn things over to then we really decided to go look. How do you not know that you all are on duty. That's by design. You've got several hundred people with a straight answer if you have any questions feel free to ask them throughout the session. Q & A box or has any screen and we'll be addressing those at the end of the session today. Also note that we will be reporting this session and we'll be emailing up the recording in and the slides so look for that you remember with it. And finally you could take a moment during the session before we log off today to go and complete our survey. It's really important that we get your feedback just to ensure that we're delivering a quality content that you really find valuable. And with that I'm going to go ahead and turn things over to just go with harry.

[00:01:10] Hi thank you so much for joining us today.

[00:01:14] Morning evening where you are and what you are about an hour from a press print mediating your pipeline strategy. Here you have an actual word in your title there. Yeah yeah.

[00:01:29] You might be wondering what's your best friend have you with a blinding valid that you will find out the answer. In the meantime I would love to introduce my wonderful friend here up the blade runner manager at job is responsible for a global strategy and I'm an employer. I am lucky enough to know that over five years now and I can tell you that her dance skills are not only uninhabitable it is easier in this photo. She and others find her an incredible that finally the firing line of government I am now.

[00:02:11] Well help fight back about this is that she is actually barely went to school in West Valley California so she pretty much is the press's valor. Jeff Livewell interject one in every situation will save our lives even though he's proposing that rather than seeking you through a standard boring fight we thought we would show you what we always tell you.

How Jessica and Liz become pipeline experts (complete with choreography)

[00:02:51] Happy that today rather than tell now this is a story all about how auto desktops look turned upside down.

[00:03:13] And we'd like to take a minute just sit right there. We'll tell you how they became pipeline builder extraordinaire. In this city of San Francisco recruited where we fit most of our days. Such an outstanding screen and all trying to build pipelines and other tools. When a couple recruiters who are up to no good said they couldn't find anyone new in the hood. I got a couple of emails. It's cool to be public builders Schwarzenegger's. We got them early. Axelsson when time came near they built 10 campaigns and the response was clear. If anything I knew that the tool had flair. But little did I know they'd be extraordinaire. They showed us our results after seven rate and we said to the team these results every year. I looked it up performance. Actually they're amazing pipeline builder extraordinaire is. This. Right.

[00:04:22] So it's really hard to tell when you're in a web in our environment with the reaction to that. Hopefully you have used Hubble at your desk and for those of you who are the favorite new people reading that note that you had to read a really long.

[00:04:36] Pretty much always Alina. Always talk about that. You're advocating it probably. I'm pretty sure they did that and maybe they can fool us about not only this huge nerd. I actually read all of them. I don't know that all of that really helps.

[00:04:54] So when we get out I'll turn it over to you. My pleasure. We have zero fun thing for this. I hope you guys are enjoying the ball.

[00:05:06] So let's hear what we are preventing you I hope I. Well as you know you.

What is AutoDesk, and how do they manage their pipeline strategy?

[00:05:15] Yes. Well I know but I got no use to think I'm going to do a half hour that the WiFi can't go on by an tree my car yet not pay for it yet.

[00:05:29] So you who don't know other than any other company you know you've been around for 35 years and her father has been used for a low price. Like he has rolled an avatar divining of the San Francisco Bay Bridge to Shanghai Tower literally touch the things that you interact with. But just what was demonstrated nobody really knows who we are or what we do. So will these obstacles and what silly. We were beaten up because that's. Not only do people not really know what we do but we are going through a huge business model transformational. So we are moving everything around and we're rolling new themes. We haven't physically reported for in the past and he's framing him apart in light of education. And broader spending a long time helping you to care about opportunities out of what was going early around all of that. We were also launching our new candidates year in architecture and we wanted to go out there with quality these rather than just those that we were getting through our normal. So in order to address our problems without leaves you what we've always done I'm sure many of you know the deal is one maybe you have open on you're up right now and I think you know we thought we would import prices from Google where we were keeping some candidates warm. The fact that he was a journalist was white and yellow were either to talent and also we were our ETF. So finding those runners up maybe like he in an interview with us that we can hire and really wanted to try and Equality's into our tool but it wasn't good enough.

[00:07:22] We needed a new quality people that we weren't getting through any other means and it wasn't a problem.

The mid-funnel problem: communicating with candidates who are interested, but haven’t applied (yet)

[00:07:31] We had been seeing the same thing for a year that many companies many of you who are likely on the phone today and we have been hearing things like you need new people that you weren't already meeting what they weren't already in your ETF or was pretty it right now but you did not have more people that weren't there right people the ones who would be ok with this. Or is your company your opportunity and your workplace culture you needed to do both right now that you currently have nobody to fill. Maybe you're building a new office working on a project related product for example but you also want a little earlier input factor rules.

[00:08:14] They're not necessarily open right now that you Kindle Fire wisely windows rolled massacred down the line and at the end of the day you feel that you didn't have and whether you're at the company with your foot or it was somebody who doesn't have any recruiter or all will always be there but the reform definitely. You want to do all these things but work smarter not harder.

[00:08:44] I think of a big funnel problem and some of you just think maybe you roll your eyes because you've probably seen the final framework from leads in it and it’s all over the place over the years. It involves everything that didn't tell me if you don't have a marketing background. And I actually think about marketing and it is actually a really great analogy about the college or the candidate because if you think about it one thing the only people at the top of the bottom is unaware. And where are you. Then it's another to just focus on the bottom of the bucket and talking to those people were already applying to your job. For your bank your outreach but what you really need to do is actually fill in the gaps and find those people were even aware of you but they're not of any to your job and they're not applying to your career. And I think all of that is needed for an alternative market. People are interested in or considering you they are out there in the universe somewhere and you are there. You're not really sure of that and you need to deal with create it angel or a line of interest and talent even having you for an opportunity.

Building a tool that can capture mid-level candidates

So we've seen this problem so fundamentally from your feedback from from people all of you that a couple years ago we really have to gather a solution to this problem. You know you've heard about it and you actually have more than a thousand customers that are using it. The cool thing about that is they took an old product and put it on its head make it work for this year and it actually worked really well. But we knew that we could build something better than actually were able to survive very difficult and pipeline and helping you find a pipeline of the right people when you needed it. And I wasn't looking at all of you what you ever heard or talent acquisition professional with the right candidate. And also can you believe people in memory with the right opportunity and really allow both sides at that point to work more efficiently together in harmony which is really that what recruiting should be about and so Jeff I'm going to turn it over to you if we were going to kill your dream solution to this middle funnel problem.

[00:11:16] What would you have that pleasure to talk about time. It's a for us. So I would definitely want it to save time.

[00:11:26] I think that number one you want to make it more efficient prefers to do what they do best which is really building relationships with potential candidates and talking about your company and the opportunities that your company not bending your hours upon hours sorting and searching for all that they're not finding work for them.

[00:11:45] What else would you want us to do. What we talk about is elusive. This group and they're probably not the time to apply to really be a problem for a job they would actually want to find a job that they want to learn a little bit more about the company.

Solution wish-list: finding a tool that brings your opportunity to life

[00:11:59] So it was an easy way for them to say that they were interested in that but maybe they're not ready for it right. Right. Yeah I think it was it's really providing talent easy ways to say that they're interested in really virtually raise their hand in some way wherever they might yet and probably not nerdy journalism.

[00:12:19] They don't work outside you know on the weekends and give them the evening media interest without having to go through what could be a pretty lucky guy. Again keeping in mind that the internet blogging is not going to work.

[00:12:35] You pursue what else you might then the talent manager. Once you create a beautiful experience for acting talent understand it. Show them a little bit more about our culture and our offices and really give them for what it would be like if cancer were bless you fortified for me to this moment.

[00:12:58] But yeah I think that's a really big one is freeing your opportunity to life.

[00:13:01] And I think about making your job description essentially jump off the page and helping a candidate understand what is really going to be like the company in that role on that he's doing that really great work without ever actually having to step in your door and bringing his life that.

[00:13:19] And lastly I think you'd agree with that and probably everyone on the phone is you give me something that is going to help and that help you get verbal and simply build a pipeline of the right people at the right time will you eat. Vote for your most important hour journey. You can fill them quickly and effectively with the right people and continue doing what all you did great work that you and your company do.

Introducing Pipeline Builder: a tool that helps you build a targeted pipeline of interested talent

And that's exactly what we recently announced and launched with a new tool pipeline. And the purpose of the tool is really to help you build a target pipeline of futuristic talent for your to broaden opportunity for one of our own. You're from a firm we do not forget about you. That will actually work for you on though I. An know it just that impressed you my new head as it is considered a net positive for its highly visible so let me tell you a little bit more about how pipeline builder work. And there are three very simple. That is very open you get to keep things there and but yeah preservation guidelines those that are rich attract and engage with reach what we do in targeted ads in the form or automatically or your audience when he did LinkedIn whether they're on their phone or laptop and he can see examples of this on the screen here on the phone and in the new video that pops up on the right hand side you can see an example of that. These are really customizable with the content that you want to show to your audience and that audience you can choose these and give the right fit for you whether these other top male company Euridice. MIRIAM HALL Jill. So people see that when they come on in and if they click on one of the messages they're taken to a personalized learning phase where before you can delete your shitty dead out and bring it alive and do that through content images videos slideshow featuring your team and your employees. And from there the blue line is you defined a little bit more in your stream at that age. Any of you order food or you can walk in and follow up with you directly. So just to bring this to light a little bit more for you.

[00:15:46] You can envision the rational that although it is members that are at variance with your play you a very quick video in the video a video.

Pipeline Builder ‘how-to’ video, and how the tool helped AutoDesk in Boston

[00:15:55] Certainly not a rap but it's a pretty hiring needs can change quickly for any number of reasons you may need candidates for a high priority role to build a new office or start planning for future hires.

[00:16:11] Regardless of your reason you'll need quality telo fast the new pipeline builder from LinkedIn hopes to do just that. Now you can easily build a targeted pipeline of talent already interested in your opportunities. Once you're set on the exact type of telling you whether it be a sales manager in Singapore or a data scientist in Seattle you're ready to get started. Here's how it works directly reach out to potential job candidates with personalized ads and content designed to drive traffic to a pipeline builder page to attract and intrigue more of the right talent. With mobile optimized landing pages featuring rich media bringer rolls and company to life with personalized messaging you need audiences with a tap can easily express interest in your opportunity without going through a link. The application process and their information is automatically sent to your LinkedIn recruiter account so you can successfully target your top choices meet candidates and easily engage with the most qualified.

[00:17:14] No matter what your hiring needs LinkedIn pipeline builder helps you quickly build a pipeline of targeted and interested talent so you can search less and hire more.

[00:17:25] See for yourself. Start building your pipeline of superstar talent today.

[00:17:40] I wish you could see us right now.

[00:17:49] So you know a little about the problem that we're trying to address all of that. And I got you. I've seen a lot of work here through Dubai as an example. What we've done our first year of the Boston area you raise your hand now maybe a reason to travel with you. But I want to give them a top to bottom. So our game wasn't bought them. I wasn't kidding we actually had a chance to partner news for me was all forms of media obligatory back the name is everywhere. How about the engineering team that we're hiring for. We want to beef up another but can't mean for you we are actually our top performing office here. You see photos of our beautiful office parking lot and about the opportunities that we were headed for. And then we drove back to our page. So it paid again at some other visual about half an hour. Looks like there's a beautiful show real quick plug you haven't seen our show real standing up a little bit about it. Bet you were with was mockup skipping going for a few weeks. We actually watched Sam Métro on the Boston Red Light event Boston recently you may have seen her and there's one more tech company that we're so excited to bring some online media online. We watched it for you. And we actually got 30 responses to this campaign and well enough you know it's fun. They were still the engineer and tech talent that we were looking to recruit for these businesses as well as from her so excited to try something different. And we just thought amazing revolt. And so they were really happy with what we were able to bring in. Again the overhead and great talent are often examples a little more complicated.

Pipeline Builder helped AutoDesk recruit candidates with specific software skills

So this was one of the hardest job title I guess that people are looking for right now some kind of engineering suffering here in and the skill that everybody is talking about in the industry I should know more about individuals at the site probably machine learning.

[00:20:22] Mine read exactly had a layer of complexity to them and let them know we were looking for in engineer engineering machine learning about you.

[00:20:35] That sounds pretty much impossible. And I actually wasn't sure how that campaign was going to perform but it's what we wanted with this campaign.

[00:20:43] We lost it and we were able to have a video that my Huey there talking about his team.

[00:20:50] We were able to talk about how different the candidates would be working in here nine Innovation Lab etc. So we were able to highlight other members of his team like Morgan there in the center and working on the team actually around the same time our employee comm team came up with the invoice video and Morgan actually shared what it's like to be a software developer with machine learning skills. Q The Millennials are totally documentaries. And we able to bring to life what the movie doing on the campaign drove 38 results. That's amazing. And then working out most of them were to get a real looking to recruit. And we had so many in fact that the recruiter had to share the people that we didn't actually want to hire for these people are all the other folks on the team that they would hire for that for their role as well as easy. This is you Abitur our candidates. We're so excited for feasible. A little bit that her performance go a little deeper into your actual actual. We're not the next unicorn start up but we are an amazing copper company and have a long history with doing some really cool things. And so we're so excited about what we've been able to see. So well win over his new family and friends. When he became the fresh prince of bel air we actually were able to win over some fresh 390 ideas some fresh talent every one of these campaigns we have been able to gather 500 is very inches. This is great. Word literally backpack the ball that we're looking for. We've also been able to either higher it or as you are headed. Yeah. That's actually a little more cool to me the kind of new and fresh stuff that and again sell 500. Ninety eight percent of them have never engage the sponsor of the other four. Here's a new group of artists that maybe get to know our brands and are hiring.

Using Pipeline Builder for smaller companies’ pipeline strategies

[00:23:13] So maybe they knew who we were but they are not an active candidate for that. They never engage in terms of wanting to potentially work here. Doesn't mean they missed the whole new type of talent that we were able to showcase that we were a hiring organization. But for them to join our team is one that is crazy to me. Our careers are they find the best talent or are they really sourcing great talent. There's only so many of them and there's only so many hours in the day that those 500 in their UV's 97 percent of them have never received an email from an outlet for fear that she'll lose that new talent that we were getting that we have never engaged with before that we're reforming to learn a little bit more about what it's like to be now some of you may be thinking you that that that so beautifully and eloquently brought up.

[00:24:11] But you know that's not we're not a Bay Area company we're not hiring for engineers we don't have you know being recruited him. And we completely understand that.

[00:24:21] And so what I would do is share that isn't the only issue in air and share a couple other example no early at that charter demurred there were anything programmers order from the company. And I quote here 30 people in a company eating up from the competition and an example if a law firm in New York who needed to hire a pipeline of attorney for any of you who are actually working a law firm are familiar with that market you know it's a really tough one because you're likely hiring people who are real. All of them are coming from a lawful they probably have a lot different from those who are clearly allowed or have to hire it has been over five a 30 40 year for a year.

[00:25:13] And so you need a way to express yourself. And so in particular this will be just to do exactly that and do something a little bit for the audience that they were for example a filling the critical role back something we'll give you a look at one of the only that ever to duty in any of your business before that is an example of a really start up. They need to very quickly hire three software engineers. And sure it's very difficult that you completely transformed their business from a to b thing to underwrite right thing and using you think about the sort of your credit will be there if you didn't hire these people the fact that they probably won't have a business six months from now or they probably wouldn't have the money out there. And so the two people I think people really quickly and you know what it is I think they said I'm getting them in the door onboarding them and turning their heads around. Third example is of a very large very well-known retailer who was using this all higher store insert into store manager then get a physical tracking or location and they are thinking about that. So they actually ended up her in their head off because of the amount of free that they were getting through the fall. Utterly ridiculous already had they were able to hire the people any need it now. And then you know for those of you who work in retail there's a lot of high turnover in those who work in the stores. And so now they have a pipeline of people that happens with these you experience the turnover or what you're opening a new store. It will allow them to sort of nurture the talent and that time to be more should be hired later.

Companies have also used the tool to build their long-term pipeline

Also we've had a number of company this will go a long term pipeline. So this example is a alternative firm who hired 10 financial analysts every month years that are constantly hiring 30 people and they have previously just been reacting to it every 90 days way. Okay I'll get that in the door. So they wanted a way to build a year round one that they were constantly nurturing. So that means they can hire people. And lastly I mentioned before we have the fact that the number of surgeons standing firm using Wendler not only to find candidates for a role they have opened up our placement but all that effort there is now officially being offered gesture and transforming the company.

[00:27:51] And by the end of these operations were going on all of that. Rebecca.

[00:27:57] Yeah so forget about taking I the a point because they offer thing no definite story.

[00:28:02] It's also indicative of another number of other examples we have of customers or companies were using this tool to transform their businesses up a number of different reasons.

[00:28:12] I think a role that's really cool about hearing the content because you can very easily instantly change. We he cares for as the cool thing about it is easy really great result. So inheritance that previously together solution I will give you earlier. After meeting a 43 percent increase in even above that I'm interested but people actually breathing their hands if they are interested and at least 30 per cent decrease in cost per year or the pocket would get one of these people to wring their hands and I think we could really talk to the very rich now very mobile friendly or mobile 30. Given its members the pipeline builder I think the more exciting thing for me is that 83 percent hopefully they're coming to all these campaigns right now. The Philippines even of them have never applied to a job. And for those of you who are looking at that number is actually the same number that just shared that information. But we're actually seeing it across every company regardless of where you're located and the size of your company. I think that's really great. It shows that you actually truly are. So we really are capturing that elusive funnel because these people are not already applying to there.

[00:29:36] They've all of these ideas and they get much more often.

The secret to Autodesk’s Pipeline Builder success? Partnerships across teams, templates for recruiters, and lots of marketing

[00:29:43] So you know what the product is you know how we used it in order to help shape our pipeline. And you now know that actually perform pick up on reports that we've been able to share but I want to get a little insight on best practices for how something like this works and how it can help you build your pipeline. So the first thing I'm gonna give her I can't reiterate this and I partnered extremely closely with our recruiters and hiring managers. All they talk about the different things that we can be doing in order to get great talent but in the end the recruiter and I don't know the software engineering language skills that we need to be looking for. So I had to rely heavily on that partnership with our friends to ensure that hiring the right thing and also hiring managers have a lot to say with healthy 134 trade and what they want to talk about and it's a great way for us. The fact is are around rules of engagement. So I created one simple thank you but no thank you directing so you are a social channel. A note about me winning our talent community or chat rooms and that they will be able to save our share of time as we were following the Easy's they came in the temple you add up for your recruiters to copy and paste and more time are going to feed them so that they can spend more time hiring the right and other rules of engagement is incredibly important. Obviously if we want to ensure that we're following up with them and it's happening here so we want to get the lead we want and isn't there for weeks and months on end. We want to follow with them right away so establishing ahead of time how often our fingers should be engaging with these interacting is easy. Really market this internally so I can't do that on every level off hand remark about how we are winning talent in different regions. I've literally had someone from all around the globe we have hundreds of boxes around the world have taken me when I'm looking for the candidates campaign. Everybody wanted to try it because they were able to show for the team. Hiring managers are super excited to try something new rather than our typical charges. We have done before. But this is able to allow them to bring their team and their role to life and is something that we had previously like Will became the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You can become a pipeline builder certain there.

You can be a pipeline expert, too, with help from the LinkedIn team

[00:32:34] You're using your strategy. You are really happy to help me build that you have. Coming up in the end of this year or early next year or they are planning for the future.

[00:32:46] We'll continue to help you do that. And from your package we are going to continue to make it about that interview by Butler's wall including doing things like making it easier for you to know whether it will be available for you to follow up with. One thing that will set you apart from many of you probably on the phone and although we're all digging up every day that you are offering appalling things for people that may be on a roll right now or are you are you building that long term rival. Let you take the apple give it away and then along the way it will be.

[00:33:21] But in that if you like there today what or well-being or think about essentially lovers to your own company you can challenge your relationship better. You can either look at leaving the rebirth establish the link and I'll show it on that as well. You can click on and you can see that it will actually follow if you are willing to share more information. And then with that we're going to turn it over to you and aim and you know we can also talk about pipeline builder or other that we also know a lot about the fresh air that we have. Next time you see your character there and share that with the fact that it is a lot of wrapping of the friends you coming out or if you have no reason to feel for you after you know a lot of people get it ready. And I think but that will open it up for you. Fantastic.

[00:34:22] Thanks.

Pipeline Builder isn’t included with LinkedIn Recruiter, but the tools can work simultaneously

[00:34:22] Yes. We definitely had a lot of questions. Some of that is the reason for the afterwards is what to do. But it wasn't just about the segment in she said she wanted to do. So we share about experience there in how you use that.

[00:34:42] Once again a quote percept with our future. So we you can be manager with Centrelink and it forms CMOs I literally facere my computer screen in the San Francisco Bay Area all potential job title that person could have as well as other potential goals and benefits filled guild with all the different UPWA engineering languages that machine a machine learning individual would have. And then we did not know anyone but it is all the different skills that are physically used when they're doing search through late in the future and then I'm able to actually replicate that on the campaign manager form so I could ensure that we were targeting specifically and then in campaign manager. Q There is an area for you to designate gender and so there wasn't a button to be that we wanted to campaign on specific targets.

[00:35:39] So to answer that question we've got is sort of the product itself is this first sort of search to that we've had different pressures from it first is this is the product is only available to folks with your recruiter products seed and also this included with your request.

[00:36:00] And so it is not included with the operator it they separate product but it does work very well with her.

[00:36:06] So someone your company does me using recruiter or in a search zapping world. Ah yes. However if there is one of your firm I'm using or one that's at least that's a really good example might need a beautiful recruiter. People want to see it coming through that we can do that internally. Be sure that you have somebody at your company overall and you have a really didn't even know where the money will ultimately flow from the campaigns that you or your team can.

[00:36:40] Fantastic. Great discussion with us sort of around content.

[00:36:44] People loved the video.

[00:37:00] Well what is what you how you do this moment.

Content is king: pool any resources you have to showcase your company to potential candidates

[00:37:09] Yes a lot. I'll answer a little bit about myself and maybe if there's any other customer along I gather it was actually from the best in class perception that we had as well as combating email from our recruiters. So I literally after a period what's been working for you with the audience what hasn't been working for you you need to be there he continued. Then simple We have some great video to share and everything but honestly an iPhone or Android video on the phone with a one way exit that organic marketing. So Paypal only recently had a share of that in the video. So Ill go around the office and see the design event going on. Or you could look in your office circle. You don't have to be anything wildly expensive. But the more organic content it will support it actually creates a better variant.

[00:38:09] I agree. I would definitely spend less time making it extra feeling like you need to go out for. Q You are easy to build. You're a very indie video.

[00:38:20] I think as time becomes easier when you're a smaller company you have to go through it too much red Timbertown effort to kind of feel like your brand needs to be authentic and that's the most important thing here that you're actually preventing and authentically with your company and your role. And so you can do not very easily by giving a GoPro or an iPhone to the team that you were hiring on having done film in the late into the night and get the video. There are estimates that with very little video editing and I really don't think we even do that with river.

[00:39:00] And again you're a rapper you are free to roam you cannot share so we sat next to that are we actually we have a recruiter model out of us.

Using Pipeline Builder to drive the talent lifecycle

[00:39:22] So we have gout that actually search and find talent and we refuse to look at the life cycle of the town once they're found out these are the ones who manage the the. So the Kanine happened to the recruiter and then the recruiter then presents the way that they normally do. We actually just ran one for about engineers in the Bay Area and the recruiter was really well all of us that we were training campaign and doing something different and hiring manager. Helps write the for it was with us. And then they also say you know I found these the first thing I found this is through the campaign and then they were able to move forward with the ones that they thought would be the best role.

[00:40:07] Great question for me and is is there a maximum number of candidates you can have in one go.

[00:40:15] It really depends on ultimately how much you brine and how much traffic you're actually driving through to Egypt and all of that. And yet for an interpreter and so you could have you know fifty or fifty thousand dollars out of this area.

[00:40:37] Yes.

[00:40:40] But there's great questions that are common around these movie ages from parent company ages and ages and how they work together and how they're different.

[00:40:52] Do you speak to you about your strategy to prevent musical reasons. Well yes and we did a lot of the lower content on a per page again to create a holistic experience. I think it's also important to note that not every prospective candidate goes every different part of the day so it actually helps probably probably our predicted performance hasn't seen those metrics yet but I would guess that that will be the case because they may not be searching out older and or landing on the career site that they are croupiers but they will probably see that content in their News Feed and especially unlock all the periods is way better in terms of a pipeline for the pipeline. Other key themes though I would say that they mainly keep the content in their media which then allows them to do a little bit more research on the company maybe they're willing to route the career of paid only cemeteries workers. But it allows for us to create cost effective candidate no matter where they are on the face and then potentially interact with them wherever they meet interact. And I know at one point if occur I think that there's some enhancement. Q If a person falls into the right target audience on the careers page maybe then we're likely to see the pipeline builder.

Use Pipeline Builder to stay connected with candidates that may fit future roles

[00:42:13] It is actually a new enterprise and I felt here that if you ran a pipeline builder campaign a banner that actually hear a proper company. And the croupiers sort of is a place where you had a job. So it's a candidate who you are also traveling with another one of the leading intellectualise the math is that they will only be. Let's see if that were to be taken out and put that all in a pipeline builder. So all of those things work seamlessly together. I think they get of the creative thirstily now we're constantly being you're working for you in France where it's typically you very key or oppressively rate you really get to know if you really believe that that particular hour to be sure in their interests. And hopefully that hurried their person and then try it out.

[00:43:08] And we're all we're probably the priority as they have gotten in your files for you to really capture them.

[00:43:17] Great question. I mean it is about keeping candidates warm and active long term. Are you ready to be there.

[00:43:27] Yes. I'll talk about. I know that this question actually really gives them more freedom to use an account. And so the way that we do it is that we actually keep our candidate work in Israel which is our candidate here and I know that a lot of the elite have a candidate here. And so let me talk more tonight. ERIC BOEHLERT I believe that we think we could potentially recruit and hire out of the crisis in Italian community that everything is opt out. SIEGEL Obviously one is doing it but it's a way for us to keep candidates warm. I think we're really talking a little bit more about what was going on in the other world so we keep them warm over time.

[00:44:08] And so we're able to serve them and hire them for a specific rack and the numbers are up about at the end user names I think about hacking a little in a way and possibly that strategy you have to talk about it completes in an hour a day like a game ideally or hiring managers where you have it right now but I'm going to integrate it with that from your point of view I'm an idiot debilitating and don't be late for pushing the practice really to order them into a project folder in a paralegal eye roll type or compete or whatever using these symbols that you have only ever read. I'm telling you referred to you though and also use that then just do it what do you think about using HEERA Like functionality within it to do that. Then I imagine we're ultimately more while the product exactly. They are the reason you guys really pay for an hour. It means you have a plan in place ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is get robots taking out we actually the that and actually create a real war experience with your company and your brand. That's really what they do this victory.

[00:45:29] Fantastic thanks guys were right just a little bit over time. Even so with that we're gonna go head wrap. We get your questions will the traffic follow afterwards by email but Bridgewater today and LaserJet.

[00:45:44] Thank you. Yeah. Have a great time.