Illustration of a doctor in an exam room working on a computer

You might hire an anesthesiologist to:

  • Administer pain relief during medical procedures
  • Administer anesthesia and monitor patients during surgery

  • Supervise registered nurse anesthetists

  • Review and approve anesthetics based on medical files and lab results

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Doctoral degree of medicine or osteopathy relevant to country of employment
Comfort making fast-paced decisions under pressure
Completion of residency program relevant to country of employment
Strong ability to work with fellow doctors and surgical teams
Certified to practice anesthesiology by regulatory body in employment country and locale
Strong knowledge of global developments in the anesthesia field
Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of modern anesthesia medications and their uses
Excellent writing skills
Experience with practices and procedures of anesthesiology