Illustration of a man standing at a desk working on a laptop

You might hire an application developer to:

  • Build and maintain both web and mobile applications 

  • Collaborate with the rest of the development team to ensure applications align with the organization’s goals, as well as customer needs

  • Oversee the performance of applications to ensure they’re always running properly

  • Carry out regular security and performance checks

  • Continuously find ways to enhance existing apps

  • Improve the overall application development process

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Proven experience (professional or otherwise) as an application developer
Proficiency with project tracking software, such as Jira
Ability to program in at least one programming language (ex: JavaScript or Python) Certification in application development
Deep understanding of core programming principles, including design Experience working as part of a development team
Critical and analytical thinking skills, with a keen attention to detail
Strong communication skills
Excellent time management Project management experience