Illustration of a doctor in an exam room working on a computer

You might hire a certified nursing assistant to:

  • Provide and enhance patient care under direction of nursing staff and physicians
  • Provide your assigned patients with routine daily nursing care in accordance with current standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern the facility

  • Make rounds and communicate with incoming and outgoing staff to ensure that each patient is safe and comfortable at the change of shift

  • Measure vital signs, update patient information and changes in medical history, and prepare patients for examination and/or treatment

  • Report pertinent physical conditions and behavioral observations to the unit nurse

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Certification in medical assistance or other medical fields relevant to the country of employment, like an associate degree in the US
Capability to treat patients with dignity and respect
Experience in nursing, patient care, or other related fields
Proven dedication to patient-centered care
Previous experience in nursing, patient care, or other related fields
Empathy and emotional resilience
Ability to build rapport with patients through a compassionate and caring demeanor
Professionalism and a desire to learn
Strong communication skills
Ability to speak multiple languages