Illustration of a doctor in an exam room working on a computer

Sample doctor job description

At [Organization X], we’re proud to set the standard for comprehensive, convenient healthcare. The dedication of our knowledgeable doctors makes it possible for us to provide and maintain high levels of care. We’re currently seeking a primary care provider to join our practice and further enhance a growing team of healthcare professionals. The ideal candidate will have extensive medical experience in a patient-facing environment and demonstrate superior professionalism and communication skills. We’re looking for someone who is driven by a passion to make patients’ healthcare experiences as comfortable, efficient, and positive as possible, and who is committed to continuing our tradition of excellent patient-centered care.

Objectives of this role

  • Cultivate a safe, secure, and healthy environment for patients, colleagues, and staff, and provide exceptional quality of care and service to patients and their family members
  • Create and maintain relationships of confidence and trust with new and existing patients
  • Help answer patients’ questions and address their concerns before, during, and after examination
  • Maintain accurate and secure electronic medical records for patients
  • Recognize the symptoms and signs of various illnesses and injuries, order appropriate tests, and prescribe treatments


  • Evaluate patients and provide appropriate medical attention and treatment for illness, injury, and routine care
  • Create care plans, coordinate diagnostic tests and other services, and counsel patients on preventive healthcare practices
  • Prescribe, administer, and dispense medication and supplements in accordance with national and local regulations
  • Document all patient evaluations, treatments, medications, and transactions according to organizational policies and procedures
  • Manage a team of medical assistants to ensure their compliance with all applicable regulations

Required skills and qualifications

  • Doctor of medicine degree
  • Three to five years of experience in a residency program
  • Certification by a professional board, such as the American Board of Medical Specialties
  • Current licensure in good standing, and specialty certification if relevant
  • Clinical experience as a primary care provider
  • Superior communication skills and personable demeanor

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Training in a medical specialty
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively with medical professionals
  • Ability to communicate in more than one language, including American Sign Language