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You might hire an electrical engineer to:

  • Develop and maintain electrical equipment while adhering to organizational standards and expectations
  • Ensure compliance with codes while adhering to project scope, schedule, and budget

  • Maintain system capabilities while improving functionality and modernizing production methods

  • Prepare documentation for electrical designs such as schematics, assembly drawings, and reports

  • Analyze project requirements to calculate supporting designs, including electrical requirements, safety standards, and motor controls

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Experienced at designing and analyzing electrical systems
Certification in engineering relevant to country of employment, like a Professional Engineer (PE) license
Deep understanding of electronic manufacturing processes
Knowledgeable of software development and platform implementation techniques
Strong electronic testing and database design capabilities
Adept at analyzing and troubleshooting electronics production processes
Proficient with computer-aided design and drafting software such as AutoCAD
Skilled at managing team-based projects