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17 percent
54 percent

What to listen for

  • Clear, benefits-focused examples of how they identified an area of improvement and helped to optimize it
  • Strategic communication to key stakeholders of the rationale for the change, and the winning of buy-in

What this question assesses

  • A mindset of constant evaluation and iteration in order to avoid complacency
  • Tenacity to build a case for their idea and to ensure it’s implemented successfully

What to listen for

  • Keen understanding of current and emerging challenges facing your industry
  • Inspiration, ideas, and a positive outlook about potential challenges, rather than apprehension

What this question assesses

  • Forward-thinking growth mindset, which allows them to be prepared for the next big thing
  • Adaptability in taking on challenges and ideating solutions

What to listen for

  • Thoughtful explanation of strategic steps, rather than passive aspiration, to reach a desired result
  • Identifying resources or teammates that can be used to evaluate, prove, and disprove various options for solutions

What this question assesses

  • Independent process for generating ideas, balanced with ability to lean on others as needed
  • Ingenuity in finding new areas for ideas, workarounds to challenges, and fresh angles on convention

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