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  • Make sure your ambassadors are diverse by encouraging employees of all backgrounds to contribute
  • Highlight employee accomplishments and help them share their experiences with prospective candidates
  • Communicate a clear and strong vision that can inspire candidates
  • Help close skill gaps with ongoing career development opportunities
  • Attract candidates by showing how your company prioritizes upward mobility and upskilling
  • Encourage candidates to apply with a growth mindset — perfection isn’t necessary for long-term success
  • Ensure your PTO policy gives candidates the flexibility they need to prioritize their physical and mental health
  • Ask for current employees’ input on what benefits are best for their satisfaction and health
  • Adapt your benefits to be more inclusive of all life circumstances so candidates have greater access to equitable healthcare, caregiver assistance, and tuition reimbursement
  • Offering more work options for candidates — from fully remote, to a hybrid model, to a physical office space
  • Giving employees the flexibility to set their own hours, helping them foster a healthier work-life balance
  • Reaching a more diverse pool of candidates who don’t always stick to a 9–5 workday, such as single parents or caregivers
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