EX isn’t just fun events. It’s making people feel safe and happy so they can perform their best.
photo of Wassim Eid, Chief Human Resources Officer at Chalhoub Group. Wassim is a man with short brown and white hair and he’s wearing a light blue button up shirt with a blazer over it
Wassim Eid
CHRO at Chalhoub Group


Chalhoub Group is a luxury-brand retailer and distributor in the Middle East, with 12,500+ employees. Knowing that its employees play a critical role in providing an exceptional customer experience, the company made a strategic decision to establish a People Experience function within HR. The new function’s mandate is to understand and redesign the experience of employees in different stages of their career life cycles, with the goal of winning the hearts of customers. A key part of the transformation has been digital.


The company partnered with employees and start-ups to implement eight digital platforms. One example was pulse surveying with dashboards to show leaders what employees cared about, and what management needed to do to improve. Another was MyChalhoub, an internal app that connects employees across offices in nine countries and gives them a platform to share successes, challenges, and solutions.


The new tech platforms have been popular with employees – the adoption rate of the MyChalhoub app alone is 70%. The success stems from Chalhoub Group involving employees in the decision-making process and not implementing tech for the sake of tech.