A line chart across a map of Singapore in the background.
Chart highlighting on the left the top priorities when considering a new company, featuring from the top down Work-life balance, Compensation and benefits, Colleagues and culture, Effective management, Challenging work, and  Flexible work arrangements. On the right highlighting is a chart highlighting company performance according to employees featuring the below from the top down, Flexible work arrangements, Challenging work, Colleagues and culture, Effective management, Compensation and benefits, Work-life balance.
A graph visualizing the demand for Software Engineers from Q1 2019 to Q2 2021. At Q2 2020 there a indicator for "Start of COVID". The chart line remains fairly flat through Q3 2020 and then rises fairly steeply. A pulled-out statistic reads "3x," marking the rise in demand.
Top 10 courses Critical thinking Communication
Illustration of a person working at a computer.
Illustration of two seated people having a conversation.
Illustration of two people standing in front of a computer.