Illustration of the United Kingdom
Illustration of the United Kingdom
Chart highlighting on the left the top priorities when considering a new company, featuring 1 Work-life balance 2. Compensation and benefits 3.Colleagues and culture  4. Effective management 5. Challenging work6. Flexible work arrangements  On the right highlighting priorities that are growing more important since the pandemic began, featuring 1.Flexible work arrangements 2. Challenging work 3. Colleagues and culture 4. Effective management 5. Compensation and benefits
Job demand growth Transport Tech Sales
Illustrative design of two colleagues and laptop
37X Growth in demand for delivery drivers
6x Growth in demand for cloud engineering
Top 10 courses DEI Sales Tech Communication
Illustrative computer monitor with LinkedIn Learning on the screen
Illustrative image of person with artificial leg and person cleaning
6x Demand for Sales Executives grew
12x Demand for Javascript Developers grew
5x Demand for Customer Service Advisors grew
Illustrative of two colleagues speaking with computers and phones in view