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Automatically recommend the right job to the right candidate through LinkedIn, email, and the LinkedIn Job Search app.

  1. Features

    Advertise your jobs to just the right people

    We automatically recommend job posts to LinkedIn members with the skills and expertise you need, so you get more relevant applicants.

    Post new open roles in no time

    Since Job Slots are basically recurring Job Posts, you get the flexibility you need to fill roles as they open up.

    Make applicant management a breeze

    Access our streamlined applicant management tools to review and filter candidates, take notes, and reach out – all on LinkedIn.

    • Attract top passive candidates via Jobs You May Be Interested In
    • Know who’s qualified, even if they haven’t applied, with Suggested Professionals
    • Easily manage applicants right in LinkedIn
    • Optimize your Job Posts with detailed analytics
    • Build your employer brand with Career Page integration
    • Give applicants a great mobile experience with distribution through the LinkedIn Job Search app
    • Buy once, fill multiple jobs
  2. Success stories

    • ON24 gains access to new, high--value talent pools, while cutting overall recruiting costs by more than 50 percent

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    • AirAsia turns to LinkedIn, rather than traditional job boards, and finds better talent at a lower cost.

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  3. Job posting resources

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    • Social recruiting guide

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    • Talent pipeline

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    • Recruiting Trends

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