“LinkedIn Talent Solutions, I’d summarize it in three words – most innovative, effective and a complete no brainer. If you are missing it, you are missing something really big in transformation“

Naveen Narayanan
Global Head – Talent Acquisition
HCL Technologies

“It just took about two months for us to break even. Post that it was all a profit game for us“

Smriti Handa
Head – Talent Acquisition and Campus Engagement

“LinkedIn Talent Solutions has greatly helped us in sourcing candidates with complex and varied skill sets. We have been able to reduce our turnaround time by 40% and recruiting costs by 50%“

Yuvraj Bhatnagar
Director – Talent Acquisition
GlobalLogic India

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Global Stories

  • AirAsia turns to LinkedIn, rather than traditional job boards, and finds better talent at a lower cost.

  • Ashdown Consulting fills 70% of its roles through LinkedIn and boosts its global recruiting scale.

  • ADB significantly improved their talent brand and saw more efficient hiring through LinkedIn.

  • Astreya sources candidates across the globe, based on skills, certifications and recommendations from employers.

  • Aurecon saves a significant amount of time and money using LinkedIn Talent Solutions and improves brand awareness.

  • DFS develops a strong talent brand to attract international talent.

  • Ecetera controls their employer brand message and fills roles within days.

  • LinkedIn enables a lean GoodPack HR team to manage recruiting needs and reduces hiring costs by 90%.

  • IT recruitment agency Halcyon Knights sets the standard for digital-driven recruitment.

  • Building a consistent pipeline of talent for future expansion with LinkedIn.

  • Intel develops its employer brand to improve quality of hire in India.

  • PepsiCo makes just-in-time talent a reality using a centralized system where talent pools are created.

  • RMA hires specific skill-sets and enhances the company's employer brand.

  • SingPost transforms its business and uses LinkedIn to re-position the company's talent management strategy.

  • Stellar Recruitment turns to digital platforms to connect with candidates globally.

  • Stepan reduces costs and finds the best talent in Asia with LinkedIn Recruiter.

  • LinkedIn enables VF Asia HR team to deliver more strategic value to the organization