Many HR managers dread the recruiting process.  Job boards and ads can be expensive and time-consuming. They only attract active job hunters – overlooking the vast pool of people who aren’t looking, but are open to new careers.

Fortunately, for the typical under-resourced HR manager, social recruiting offers a powerful alternative, and a way to simplify your life.

An easier way to reach the top talent.

A recent study found 75 per cent* of working professionals qualify as passive candidates. They won’t be answering job adverts, but they are likely to be on social media. Social platforms like LinkedIn can help you find and talk to them.

As well as access to this ‘hidden’ talent pool, social recruitment can help you target top candidates based on their profiles, connections and social interactions, and build a list of highly qualified candidates to access when you need.

You can also ‘crowdsource’ new candidates through connections both within and outside your network, all drastically reducing your recruiting time and costs.*

The power of attraction.

Social recruitment will require you to wear a marketer and brand ambassador hat, because your ultimate goal is to have the best talent approach you, rather than the other way around. Building a compelling ‘talent brand’ will establish your company as an irresistible employer in the minds of your target candidates.

Who else is going social?

The world of recruitment is evolving fast, and companies must adapt if they are to stay ahead in the hiring game. To find out more about how you and your company cannot just survive but thrive in the new age of social recruitment, download our SlideShare.

* LinkedIn Essentials: The Modern Recruiters Guide

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