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Everyone has a personal brand. As a talent acquisition professional, a great personal brand can make the difference between attracting and losing top talent.

This eBook covers how to:

  • Choose the right headshot for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Write a descriptive and catchy headline.
  • Use your LinkedIn summary to showcase your passion.
  • Engage your audience with the right content.
  • Show candidates that you rock.
  • Personalize your messaging and get responses.

If you’re not actively communicating your values, achievements, and personality in a way that prospects can easily see, you’re losing candidates to recruiters who are. Devoting time to building your personal brand will increase your response and referral rates and help you recruit better talent.

Not convinced? Consider this — before candidates call or message you back, they’re going to look you up. Likely, they’ll land on your LinkedIn profile. If you look like every other recruiter out there... well, you’re out of luck.

So, get crackin’ and start building your personal brand today.

As always, may the brand be with you. 

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