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Modern Recruiting:
4 Fundamentals Every Recruiter Should Master

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Modern recruiters have to wear many hats: matchmaker, salesperson, researcher, technologist, and more. The best ones stay on top of the latest industry trends and tools, and keep their creative and analytical skills sharp.

In this free, recorded webinar, you'll get tips on how to master the four fundamentals of modern recruiting to help you reach your talent acquisition goals.

You’ll learn how to:

• Tell your story: Make your LinkedIn profile and Company Page stand out.

• Source like a pro: Find, contact and maintain relationships with your target candidates.

• Fill jobs: Craft compelling descriptions, post, and promote them to the right candidates.

• Become an employer of choice: Build an employer brand that sets you apart from your competition.

Plus, hear first-hand how the Director of Recruiting at Epic Games implements modern recruiting principles.

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Featured Speakers

  • Rob Humphrey
    Rob Humphrey
    Senior Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson
    Director of Recruiting, Epic Games