Maximising your talent brand can deliver tangible benefits including reduced hire costs, lower staff turnover and the ability to attract higher calibre candidates.

Implementing a company-wide focus on talent brand is only possible with the backing of your C-suite, so how do you get them on board?

Find out how to enlist your C-suite's support for talent brand with LinkedIn Talent Solutions' new guide, Pitching talent brand to your CXO. This easy-to-digest, ten page guide takes you through the process engaging your C-suite with the concept of talent brand and convincing them of its value.

The guide reveals:

  • Why C-suite support can make or break a talent brand strategy.
  • How to use data to demonstrate the importance of talent brand.
  • Tips to help you build a compelling case for talent brand.

You'll also discover:

  • How to use LinkedIn to cost-effectively grow and nurture your talent brand.
  • How talent brand can improve your company's bottom line.


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