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LimaCorporate adopts LinkedIn Learning to #BreaktheBias


Boosting employees' e-learning engagement and driving awareness around DEI topics

LimaCorporate care deeply about their social responsibility and encourage their staff to share these principles. After partnering with LinkedIn Learning in 2022, they wanted to boost employees’ engagement with the learning platform. At the same time, in honour of International Women’s Day, they also wanted to improve their internal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) knowledge and practices. 

Due to the size of their workforce, LimaCorporate’s task was to consider how they could incentivise over 1,000 employees to consistently engage with LinkedIn Learning and broaden their knowledge of DEI. 


Incentivising employees to use LinkedIn Learning with a DEI fundraising campaign

In order to help LimaCorporate boost their staff’s engagement with LinkedIn Learning, their LinkedIn Customer Success Manager provided them with a wide range of best practices and resources. This included a roadmap created by the LinkedIn Content Team which outlined upcoming key seasonal moments. The team in LimaCorporate identified International Women’s Day as a celebration they could really embrace and decided to create a campaign to raise awareness amongst their workforce.

The idea behind the campaign was three-fold. The first aspect was to better people’s understanding of unconscious bias in the workplace. The second was to raise money for women's charities. And thirdly, LimaCorporate wanted staff to activate their LinkedIn Learning licences, feel the benefits of the platform, and continue to embrace it even once the campaign had ended.

The fund-raising campaign was named “#BreakTheBias” which was a reference to the unconscious bias that can be prevalent in the workplace, not just towards women, but towards any race, gender, sexual orientation, or many other factors. Staff had to activate their LinkedIn licences to take part in the campaign, and access LimaCorporate’s selected course, , which was available with Italian subtitles. To ensure every member of staff could improve their DEI awareness, even those without a computer or a LinkedIn Learning License, the LinkedIn Success Managers helped to unlock the selected course and make it available to all throughout the month of March.

The amount of time employees spent on LinkedIn learning was easily reviewable thanks to automated reporting, this then had a direct impact on the amount of money raised for Catalyst and Un Women, two women's charities selected by LimaCorporate. The more time spent learning, the larger the donation from the company.

The campaign was well received by the company’s CEO and executive board, and proved to be a great success among all staff. 100% of LinkedIn Learning licences were activated as a result of the #BreakTheBias campaign, with 80% of staff completing the suggested course. Having completed the “Unconscious Bias” course, LimaCorporate’s staff became curious and started exploring other topics that LinkedIn Learning had to offer. 

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