An illustrated product screenshot of a list of jobs you may be interested in. Highlighted are three jobs with the company’s name, logo, job title, location, and when it was posted. A mobile screenshot shows an alert about the first job.
  • Tell us who you’re looking for, including preferred skills and screening qualifications, and we’ll invite qualified candidates to apply to your job.

  • Get notified when qualified candidates apply, so you never miss a good match.

  • As you rate your top applicants, we’ll invite more candidates who match your preferences.
  • Filter down your list of applicants with intuitive ratings: Good fit, Maybe, Not a fit.

  • Set up automatic rejections to filter out applicants who don’t meet your requirements.

  • Message, email, or call your top applicants in just a few clicks.
An illustrated product screenshot of an applicant’s information. You can see the “Rate as” options with “Good fit” “Maybe” and “Not a fit” buttons.
An illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone with an applicant’s information on it. The product image shows the applicant’s name, photo, job title, location, and some past experience.