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An illustrated product screenshot of an applicant’s information. You can see “Sort by relevance” and “Ratings” buttons.
 An illustration of white man with red hair sitting in front of a computer. There are three bubbles above her: two with women with brown hair and one with a man with black hair and a beard.
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  • Perfect your job description. Use an automatically generated description or get inspiration from our 137 job templates.
  • Set precise targeting. Standardized fields such as location, industry, skills, and years of experience will help target the right people. 
  • Weed out unqualified applicants. Quickly see which people meet your qualifications with screening questions and skills assessments.
A product screenshot showing job posting details: the beginning of a job description and skills associated with the post.
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  • Target relevant job seekers across LinkedIn via job search results, personalized emails, the LinkedIn newsfeed, and mobile push notifications.
  • Review and rate the best matches. Filter, sort, and rate your applicants; Rate a “Good fit” and LinkedIn will recommend your job to similar people.
  • Benefit from LinkedIn’s job seeker experience. Automated commute times, salary benchmarks, and skills matching help people understand your opportunities.
A product screenshot of a job post in a list of jobs you may be interested in and as a mobile notification.
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  • Confirm basic requirements at a glance. Easily see the applicants who meet them — and filter out those who don’t.
  • See the best applicants first. Focus your time and attention on the people who are most likely to become a hire.
  • Collaborate with your team. Share candidate profiles for review with easy-to-use applicant management tools.
An illustrated product screenshot of an applicant’s information. You can see “Rate as” and “Message” buttons and other details such as screening questions responses and insights from profile.
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  • Chat live. Get help from our support team while posting your job.
  • Access our Help CenterOur robust database of 100+ searchable articles lets you find answers fast.
  • Submit a ticket. Our support team will reply in less than 24 hours.