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What to listen for

  • The actions candidates walked their team through, plus a firm grasp of how they contributed to the group’s success
  • A healthy mix of “we” and “I” pronouns, indicating the candidate’s individual role and recognition of what the group achieved as a whole

What this question assesses

  • Ability to take the initiative to play an integral role in driving a project to completion, rather than sitting on the sidelines
  • Shared sense of success in the team’s accomplishments, while also demonstrating ability to identify the specific part they played

What to listen for

  • Approaching disagreement as an opportunity to share different ideas and offer constructive criticism, rather than turning the situation into a shouting match
  • Sharp judgment in knowing when to stand behind their idea and when to concede for the good of the project

What this question assesses

  • Willingness to put their own ego aside to focus on the bigger picture
  • The type of team your candidate was previously part of (ex: a flat vs. a rigid hierarchy) and whether they’ll work well with your team

What to listen for

  • An understanding of the benefits of both approaches and the different situations in which they work best (ex: working independently during focused sessions and collaborating to brainstorm ideas and gather feedback)
  • Fluidity and comfort working either independently or in a group setting

What this question assesses

  • Ability to take initiative when working solo, and to build rapport and foster constructive and effective relationships with teammates
  • Leaning too heavily on the team for direction if they signal that they struggle to work alone

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