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84 percent
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What to listen for

  • Collecting information, interpreting the evidence, and taking the appropriate action
  • An understanding that each of these steps is integral to coming to a holistic, informed solution

What this question assesses

  • Astute judgment in knowing important decisions don’t happen without first seeking and assessing relevant information
  • Ability to gather data efficiently and extract the necessary components to back up or refute an option

What to listen for

  • Utilizing alternative forms of data – like focus groups, one-on-one interviews, existing records, and observation – in the absence of hard numbers
  • Effective decision-making using what’s available, supplemented with logical intrinsic knowledge

What this question assesses

  • Ability to be a resourceful leader, not just a number cruncher
  • Ability to identify and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to make balanced decisions

What to listen for

  • Results-focused outcomes, such as driving increased revenues, curbing inefficiencies, and reducing costs
  • Detailed actions, citation of specific stats, qualitative results, or anecdotal feedback

What this question assesses

  • Systematic focus in their approach to identifying gaps and utilizing data as part of a solution
  • Acute, invested awareness of the impact of their actions

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