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Sample construction worker job description

At [Company X], our workers perform a variety of functions during all phases of construction. We’re looking for a hard-working and reliable construction worker to join our team and work on our various construction sites. The position entails a wide range of tasks, from basic to extremely difficult and hazardous. Potential tasks may include clearing and preparing the site, building scaffolding, barricades, bracing, and other structures, and operating concrete mixers, jackhammers, saws, drills, and more. [Company X] is committed to customer satisfaction, and we’re looking for someone to grow with our company who can work both independently and with a team.

Objectives of this role

  • Complete general construction tasks according to blueprints
  • Operate heavy machinery and equipment used on construction sites
  • Assist craft workers such as contractors, electricians, and painters as required
  • Follow health and safety guidelines on all job sites
  • Maintain clear communication with supervisors, as well as homeowners on job sites


  • Clean and prepare construction sites by removing debris and possible hazards
  • Load and unload building materials and equipment
  • Dig trenches, backfill holes, and compact earth to prepare for construction
  • Operate and control heavy-duty equipment and machinery like bulldozers, cranes, and excavators
  • Build or take apart bracing, barricades, forms, scaffolding, and other structures
  • Follow construction plans, blueprints, and instructions from people they are working with

Skills and qualifications

  • Commitment to doing quality work while putting safety first
  • Valid driver's license and dependable transportation

Preferred qualifications

  • Prior experience doing general labor and construction